Go! Go! Singapore!! Cheer Song

October 12, 2010

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Have you all heard about the “Go! Go! Singapore!!” cheer song video contest??!!

If you haven't, then I'm here to tell you about it!!! This fun contest (which is going on right now) is looking for the best music video to accompany the “Go! Go! Singapore!!” cheer song!


And, you don't need to do up a professional video to participate in this video contest!

All you have to do is just to have fun, do up some moves which you enjoy doing (accompanied by the cheer song!), film it down and then, send in your entries!!! So simple and easy right!


By doing so, you get to stand a chance to win an Apple iPad and $200 worth of vouchers!!

AND AND AND!!! If you think you're those not-so-lucky kind, every successful video entries send by you right, you will automatically get receive a $20 voucher!! What a steal right!

So I did tried to video myself the other day (I also wanna try to win! Hahaha!)...


Some of the still shots from the videos!


Cause after I video finish already right, then the video format like cannot be edited using my video editing software which I always use! Then I've to re-video the whole thing, all over again! :(

So poor thing right! Somemore I also didn't record in HD quality in the end!

But nevermind! Still gotta show you all! :)

Here's my own version of the music video for the, “Go! Go! Singapore!!” cheer song!


Hahahahahahaha!!!! I know some parts I look kinda retarded!!

But I really had fun doing all the crazy moves and having them being videoed down, although that day I only had like 1 hour to video myself as I was rushing to book in back to camp!

And that's what I think is important! Having fun while videoing! Haha!

It's your turn now!!!!

Go video yourself (or even with your friends) now and submit your crazy/funky/funny video entries over at SingaporeSports.sg/cheerSG and win yourself some yummy prizes!

p/s: Take note that the deadline for this contest is 2359 hours on 31st October 2010! And from 1-14 of November, there will be a "Guess the winner" contest too! Will update you guys again yea!


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  1. The elmo by your bed is so cute! Hahaha. 
    + I liked your video! :D 

  2. light3:11 pm

    OMG I cannot stand your expression when you woke up from your bed!!! so funny!!!! hahahaha.  but nevertheless, good try la.

  3. Cherlynn5:41 pm

    <span>Wow fabulous job on the video, totally enjoyed it. And is that your bedroom wall? So nice!!!!</span>