I eat what SNSD eats!

October 03, 2010

And even what Kara/SHINee/Miss A/4Minute (Hahahaha!) eats too!

Yes, I love Korean food!

I think I did blogged about it before, dining at one Korean restaurant the other time, and recently, I met up with Isaac and Esther for dinner and we went to have Korean cuisine!

Yummy! I don't understand why some people dislike Korean cuisine, seriously?

I can eat Kimchi as a snack, or even with just plain rice alone!


Starbucks with Isaac! Playing with photobooth! :)


And here we are! Over at the restaurant!


Please drool! Thankyou!

I think I actually prefer the other restaurant (Gaian Korean) that I dine months back, cause I feel that the food served there is much much nicer than what I had from this restaurant!

And I'm kinda disappointed about them not grilling the pork meat we ordered on our table, which they did it over at their kitchen! And the other time when I was over at the other restaurant, they did bothered to ask! I'm always pleased by good services! So yea!

Okay, maybe it's just my preference! :)


Nah! Some Korean butt for you?


Group picture!


Our Blackberr(ies)!


My 2 phones!

Htc Touch (non cam) as my primary usage! And I uses bb for tweeting, checking emails, bbm, msn and browsing the web! So I usually take 2 phones out with me!

Quite a hassle hor! But I'm gonna recontact for bb flexi plan next month!

So I'll soon be using bb as my primary phone! Will get a non camera one instead, so I can use it in camp and stuff like that! CAN'T WAIT TO ORD PLEASE! T__T


Went to have dessert after dinner! :)



My bare bare face, as I went to facial (first time in my life) that day!

p/s: I didn't want to or I think I need to go for facial, but since it was a birthday present that my friend would like to have, from me (which is to go for facial), then I just go with him lor! But I didn't see any significant difference leh, only maybe my blackheads are all gone!


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  1. Wow. Isaac looks still as awesome since the last time.

  2. xiaoGrass4:59 pm

    wuuhuu~ SNSD is nao in brunei :DD

  3. Reader1:14 pm

    Hey may I know if BB curve would be better or bold? :O

  4. Marjoca1:34 pm

    Hey...i know that auntie kim. Last time i work there before. When i was like 14 years old!!! hahaha... But I agree their food is yummy!

  5. Choco2:48 pm

    Hello! :D May I know where is the 2 Korean restaurants located at?? :D

  6. Anonymouss6:21 pm

    <span>Hey ben! whr is auntie kim (:</span>

  7. Anonymous6:21 pm

    <span>Hi..may I know wad camera u using to take the pictures? Very clear..</span><span> :) </span><span> did u edit the pictures?thanks</span>