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November 22, 2010

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I really love staying out late and a having nightlife!

Especially during the weekends, when we all had a short break from work/school/army! Partying and chilling over drinks with friends is totally awesome eh! :D

And what's better than hitting the club, when you can sweat it all out right!

So if you love nightlife, this entry is for you! Or even you don't, you still have to continue reading it cause there's so much pretty cam whoring pictures of myself!


Like this! Hahahaha!

So anyway! I was actually invited down to St James Powerhouse few weeks back, for the launch celebration party for the collaboration between SAFRA & St James Powerhouse!


I had so much fun there and I brought Fingers along (except Angie cause she had to work T_T) with me that night as we always club together one, so I thought why not!

And when I arrived, it's already packed with loads of people in there partying and have fun!



So we gotta quickly join in as well! :)

Usually we will drink alittle first, to get ourselves more high and hype up!

Then we will hit the dance floor! Thanks to the free flow of drinks that they have provided us that day (love you Safra!) which makes me drink quite abit of it! Heheheheheh!


"Drink-Alot" Evidence #1


"Drink-Alot" Evidence #2



With Fingers! Pictures taken from Safra Facebook page!


"Drink-Alot" Evidence #3


"Drink-Alot" Evidence #4

You can see that I'm already turning red from the above pictures with Ting lor!


The party starting to get real high with this Telephone performance!

And it reaches it's peak when....


Their very own "Lady Gaga" appear and performed Bad Romance! Hahahaha!


And by that time, I was really red already!

So I stopped drinking and camwhore while partying! Hahahahaha!



With Fingers again! ♥



I don't know why, I keep biting my lips that night!


With Silver and Huiwen!

I give Huiwen a heart heart shape cause she look unglam there, if not I think she will scold me!

And I realise I didn't take any pictures with her at all lor, using my camera! I think we did took pictures using her camera lah, but she never send me! Tsktsktsk!


Blur pic! With one of the nuffies, Clara!


Camwhore again! :D


Love my hair!

Hahahaha! Before I carry on with few of my camwhore pictures to end this entry, I just have to say that, that night at St James Powerhouse was really fun!

And you don't need to envy me cause....

You all can party like me for free toooooooooo!!!!!!

Cause now there's special privileges for SAFRA Members at St James Power Station!

So here's what you guys can get, if you're a SAFRA Card Member!

Free entry for SAFRA member and two guests on Fridays, Saturdays and eve of public holidays, excluding Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

Free entry for SAFRA member and five guests from Sunday to Thursday.

♥ 20% discount on house pour, premium bottles, wine and champagne and additional 5% discount during happy hour.

♥ 20% discount on loose drinks, jugs, buckets and shuttles at PowerHouse, Lobby and The New Paper Sports Bar.

♥ 10% discount on all extra premium and 3 litres bottles. Additional 10% discount during happy hours from 6pm to 9pm daily.

♥ 10% discount on bar food at St James Power Station. Discount is not applicable at St James Wine Bar & Bistro.

♥ Wednesday member’s night at St James Power Station – happy hour till midnight, 50% discount on drinks, $120 for bottle of Hennessy/Johnnie Walker Black/Smirnoff Black (Wed promotion is subject to change)


And all these special privileges is not only at St James Powerhouse you know, but at all 11 St James Power Station outlets, including:

1) The Boiler Room
2) PowerHouse
3) Dragonfly
4) Mono
5) Gallery Bar
6) Movida
7) Peppermint Park
8) The New Paper Sports Bar
9) Bellini Room
10) The Lobby
11) St James Wine Bar & Bistro

Seriously, I think there's no other membership card that offers these benefits at the flash of a card at the largest, single-operated night destination in Singapore lor!!

This is really a good news for all the people who loves to party!


And that inculdes me toooooo!!! Yayyyy!!

Anyhow! If you like to know more information about being a SAFRA Card Member or to get the latest news and happenings about SAFRA as well as exclusive online offers...

Do visit the SAFRA Facebook Page for more updates!!!


Now we can all have fun partying yea!

p/s: Before doing this advert, I'm already a Safra Card Member!! And I'm loving it!!


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