A typical way, to say thanks!

December 10, 2010

I'll never come this far without you guys, and I've never ever forget about y'all!

And what's better than giving you guys some gifts just to say thanks!

Since Christmas is coming also! Hahahaha! So recently, I went dug up some stuff which I actually was selling at my online store years back (have to abandon it due to the sudden enlist to army that time) and I thought, why not giving you guys some of them!

As a very typical way to say thanks for the support all the while! :)

So now, I'm giving away FIVE of this...


F21 Accessories (Necklace)!

All you have to do is (3 easy steps)...

1. Join my Facebook Page!

2. Post on the wall telling me "What is your favourite colour?"!

3. Then wait for the results to be out, on the Facebook Page!

Dateline for this is: 12th December, 23:59!

Winners will be choosen randomly and will be announced on the Facebook Page itself! And will be asked to provide their email address after the results is out! Have fun!



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