Everyone loves my hair!!!

January 23, 2011

You know, ever since I started blogging years back (thinking of it, I'm consider as one of the earlier batch of bloggers eh! please show some respect ah!), my hair has been one of the main hot topics that people have been discussing about, even until now! Seriously!!!!

I know you must be thinking that I'm abit kua zhang!

But I can remember how my emails and comments are always flooded with questions about my hair, like; 'Where do you cut your hair?', 'How do you style it?', 'Where you dye your hair?' etc.

And I can understand that, cause I also think last time my hair is really awesome....


I always try different style and different colours!
(Okay lah, maybe not different style cause I'm usually in bangs! Hahahaha!)

But then, after that I was enlisted to the army and I thought nobody is going to ever think my hair is awesome anymore.... WHICH I WAS SO WRONG ABOUT IT!!!!

I'm so shocked to actually know that people in forums (ie; hardwarezone etc.), talking about my hair, asking how to style it or even where to have this kind of hair cut! Posting pictures of my hair there, and those hair pictures of mine are all recent ones, when I'm in the army leh!!!!!

And I always wanted to share information about my hair with you people one lor!

But sometimes I don't know how, cause most of the time I go to random salon for haircut one! And I can't possibly name out all the salon I've been to, out to you all right?

But now... I CAN!!!!!!!

Just go check out my latest hair sponsor at the side bar banner! :D


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  1. What brand of hair wax do you use?

  2. Yeh! I like your hair in the top left hand corner of your first pic! =) ORD soon right? Gambatte ne!