Chu Yi of Chinese New Year!

February 04, 2011

Rise and shine everyone!

Just thought I'll blog alittle before I head out to bai nian for the second day!

I know it's not just me, but as we grow older, cny seems to be getting tad mundane and dreadful! Well, actually I'm kind of worried that we are so going to lose this tradition but at the same time, I can't help feeling that way man! I'm sure some of you people feel that way too lor!

What happen to the good old days?

I think most of the young crowds rather celebrate Christmas and NYE right!

Anyway, some pictures (and it's really just some, like 5) that I took last night!


On daddy's cab otw to bai nian! :)


Some of my cousins!


Another shot!


With ran while we are going back home!


Bought 2 tubs of icecream before coming back too! Yay!

I shall prepare to go bai nian now then!

I've been eating so much cny goodies that I already have pimples starting to show on my face and even ulcer!!! But I just can't stop eating lor! And I've eaten all the cny goodies except pineapple tarts (cause I don't like) and also ba gua!!! I WANT TO EAT BA GUA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Been craving for it since forever! Think later my ah ma house sure got! Yums!


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  1. You are sooo damn beautiful! And so funny!
    Kisses from Poland! :D