Non-photoshop pictures of me!!!

February 08, 2011

Yes, as what the title says, I'm going to post up a series of pictures of me (and other bloggers) for one of the Nuffnang event last week that as I'm invited to be one of the guest speaker for that day!

All the pictures are the official pictures taken by the photographer for the event and are raw from the camera! Which means I did not photoshop them at all!

Omg! Actually I was contemplating whether I should post them up on my blog or not lor!!!

Because I'm scared that I'll look bad! But since all the official pictures that I'm going to show you guys now are all also uploaded onto the web already, so I must well just post it up right! Cause if you don't see it here, you also will see it elsewhere what! So it's better to see it on my blog! Hahahaha!

And some really look quite candid and funny lah! Alright, the pictures!


Arrived and gossiping with Clara about my birthday party
that I had 2 days back prior to the event!


All the people that came despite the rain! *claps claps*


One of the winning group for the icebreaker game!


Omg! I also don't know what did I say or who say what that makes us burst into laughter!


Hahaha! My plate is filled with food! I'm so hungry that day hor!


I'm the first to start off giving the tips about blogging!


A candid picture that the photographer took when I'm giving my speech!
I think this one quite ugly leh, right?


What kind of pose is this lor!!!!! Wtf!!!! Like singing chinese opera!! Hahaha!


One last picture to end it off!

p/s: Actually to be frank, and some of you might know lah cause I think I did say it before, that I've always wanted to do plastic surgery on my nose! Cause I think it's too huge and don't like it! Oh! I also seriously need to do something to my teeth too, as it's getting worse! Aiyo! :(


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  1. how much did u spend for the reservation of ur bday party at raindrop cafe?

  2. Smiley10:36 pm

    You dont need plastic surgery!! Youre okay the way you are :-D .

  3. why plastic surgery! you look nice what! look v cute too :D

  4. Shandella11:37 pm

    Hi Benjamin! How much did you pay for your 22nd birthday at RDC? Around how much for how many pax?
    Thanks !!! ^^

  5. Tbh, I quite like your nose lehh! SO damn friggin straight! and high :(

  6. typicalben12:09 am

    But BIG!

  7. Anonymous1:00 am

    Hey , you look awesome without your photos photoshopped . Honestly great . Your nose are alright too , not at all big . :) I love your photos better when they're not phtoshopped because it's you & you're the real deal .

  8. My mum says guys with big and sharp noses will make it big in the future!

  9. dudey3:24 pm

    Hey! Your nose is okay man! If you make your nose smaller or sth, your face will prolly look proportionally bigger! Now, it just fit together good! RECONSIDER!! ;)