Saint V♥lentine's Day

February 15, 2011

Have you people got an awesome vday date yesterday?

I was doing duty last night though, so no vday celebration for me! Not as if that I've got a partner now to spend the night with too (yah lah, single now already lah), so I'm pretty okay with it!

But the thing is that for the past 3 years, I've been celebrating vday lor! Tsk tsk tsk!

Though I always feel that it's very commercialise, cause you don't have to wait till days like this then you show to your love ones how much you love them! Instead we should do that every single day!

Anyway, Fingers met up 2 days before vday!

So being the single me, just anyhow named our meet up as a early valentine's celebration for all of us! Hahah! I remember we always used to celebrate vday together in secondary school one lor!


Went to collect the chilish gift that we bought as vday present first!


I'm looking really tired out and old recently lor! Why like that! :(


Went over to Esplanade!



All of us with our vday present! Hahahaha! CUTE RIGHT!!!!!

It's actually a monkey (and look alil like a clown to me)! So cute please!

But you know I kinda dislike soft toy cause I think it's really useless and a waste of money! But we (Angie & me) initially wanted Zj to buy this for us cause we waited for him for 3 hours like mad, without him even informing us whether he will be coming or not still! So it's a actually a punishment!

And I don't know why we ended up, buying for the 5 of us instead! Hahahaha!


Another group shot with the monkey!


Me with the girls!

Also, it's damn paiseh to take pictures with the soft toy in the public lor!!!

Can you imagine how many people are staring at us when we are taking it not! Omg!! It's like; "Wtf is with these group of young adults acting cute with the soft toy?! Eeeks"


Hahaha! Kx want us to imagine that the toy is an alien that drop down from the sky!


My bag for the day!!!


It's one of the present from my bunk mates!


And when I see mirror, I camwhore! :p


Dinner: T.A.K Chilli soft shell crab noodles! Nice!


Actually we wanted to buy this colourful bunny at first one! Also cute right!!!

p/s: I wanna do my teeth so badly! My font teeth is getting worse! But 8k is not a small sum! Quite heart pain one leh! I don't know! But I'm so sure I need to do it cause it's getting fugly! :(


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  1. Jessica6:08 pm

    Hey! Where did you get the bunny from?

  2. Anonymous2:28 am

    I saw it at Plaza Sing. Is it from there? 

  3. Hi,

    What camera you are using for all of your pics? Thanks!

  4. I don't think its worth it.. Cos even after you fixed yr teeth, it is constantly moving and you need to wear retainer everyday w/o fail or else it'll get crooked again and you need to fix it. Cos my sis wore braces and she lost her lower retainer. Now its all crooked again. Unless you're the obedient type and will wear everyday then.. go for it haha but again, 8k can buy you a lot of things ;)

  5. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Where did u buy the monkey(clown) from? :D