Flea flea flea market!

March 01, 2011

As you all know, I'm still terribly sick! :(

Still feeling feverish, weak and jelly since Friday night until now! Got so kua zhang anot right? And I went to the doctor yesterday and the medicine are helping quite abit!

I hope to get well real soon lor and I need to, cause this week is kinda a busy week for me! Got quite afew meetings and event to attend and I cannot afford to look bad!

So anyway, I'm gonna post up some pictures that I took the other day over at the Flea Maket!

I didn't really took much pictures that day cause I don't really like to blog about events unless I'm paid (hahahaha!), and also I'm busy selling away all the stuff that I brought there!

And in the end, I think I sell quite abit lor!

Thanks to those who brought from me ah! Especially to those that I told them that I don't have any plastic bag (and I didn't know I can take from the salon, so I ask them to put it in their bag or carry with their hands), which makes me feel so bad and guilty after that! Hahahahaha!


On the cab otw to Bugis Essensuals!


All the clothes and accessories I brought there!


Reached!!! And I was early!!!!

I thought I was running late already lor! But I was the first few bloggers to reach!

That stupid Esther lah, say wanna don't know go do what nails so I no choice to go alone first! But luckily Eric was also there early and he's damn friendly even though it's the first time we met! So we started talking and time indeed pass much faster and not so awkward there!


Reach early and got nothing to do? Camwhore!!


Haha! See! This cute little girl holding my signboard!


Setting up my area!


But after awhile it will become messy lah! So in the end I also just anyhow throw! Haha!


Esther's area is beside me!


Ending off with a picture that you might love! Cause I really like this picture too! :)


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  1. ANONNNNN1:34 am

    i dun like ur pics leh! they look so fake. F-A-K-E!

  2. Anonymous9:21 am

    Wow, your camera very good quality!