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March 21, 2011

I know apart from all the pretty pictures I always blog about, a huge bunch of you guys still like it more when I write, and its not that I don't wanna write recently!

But because I don't really have the time to!

Its been really long since I can slack at home throughout the weekends doing mundane stuff man! Have been always really busy running around (attending events, meet up with friends etc.) and it really tires me out! And I know you people just want me to write about nothing, but about myself and what's happening to me lately! So today I'm gonna write!

I'm still very busy (as usual) lately, and on top of that, I've to decide whether I wanna further my studies to obtain a degree or not! Actually at first, I didn't want to further my studies at all!

I sort of already made up my mind when I was still in poly, cause I don't really see a point and a need to! But afterwards, my daddy keeps on asking me whether I wanna study uni anot and when my answer is no, he seems tad disappointed!

Maybe because I'm the oldest son, thus maybe he expected more from me!

I think its partly due to my academic results since young, it has been always consistent, not very good but not bad I can say! But for now, I think ran is the one who should and its better for him to further his studies as he has been doing really well in his field all along and I'm so proud of him!

I somehow always feel that I'm so not suitable to study in the uni and I seriously don't think I can do well also leh! So I'm not really sure, not sure of what I want also!

What job am I going to work as in the future if I don't get a degree?

Is getting a degree gonna be better for me?

So many questions that I have for myself!

Then recently, I open up and see what courses that I can take if I really wanna study and get a degree! Should I do marketing? Cause that's like maybe one of the few I'm more interested in! No, I don't think I'm going to carry on product design anymore cause I totally sucks at the engineering side which is the one that pulls me down for my GPA in my poly results!

I know alot of people who are like me (and reading this) where you don't have a clear path or you don't know what you want to do in the future! And I'm urging you people to at least think abit!

Not like I didn't think about it, but as I grow older right, mindset do change sometimes and which means you gotta replan and reconsider about the path you want to take!

Like I was so certain few years back that I die die also don't wanna go uni to get a degree (and I did vaguely plan what I'm going to do and stuff already) but years later, which is now, I'm actually open up to that option and is considering whether should I further my studies anot!

Anyway, I still do have some time more to think before the application for the uni admission for this August ends! But not really long, like maybe a week more I guess?

Will keep you guys updated of my decision yea! Love, from my Blacberry!


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