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May 04, 2011

All along, we have been using social networking platforms such as Facebook (or last time, way back in my secondary school days, we uses Friendster), and no doubt many guys are using such platforms to get to know more girls and to strike a conversation with them!

Most of their ulterior motive is to know more girls, and hopefully finding a girlfriend there or some dirty cheap ones are to find someone to get laid!

And profile picture is something that will catch people's attention from the start and to let people know exactly who you are and how you look like! Which then plays an important part for giving the first impression to people which we want it to be good!

I'm talking about all these because I don't understand why some guys are putting up horrible profile pictures and yet thinking that girls would even bother about them?

I'm still so sorry to say that somehow it's very important still for a good first impression and for social networking platform like that, and everyone will be judging you on based on your profile pictures! Superficial or not, get it real! Everyone IS superficial to certain extent!

So as I was saying as you can't flaunt how charismatic, how great your character is, how rich you are on social networking platforms like that, but a decent profile picture is going to get you far! Well, at least a greater chance of getting replies from girls you message to!

And here below, I've a list of NO-NO profile picture that you guys should put!

1. Anime/car/flower (or whatever) picture


Like what? Dragon ball? -___-


Okay, this is even worse! Girls might get scared by it!

Don't you think it's super lame to put pictures like these? Especially I notice people love to set their profile picture to pictures like cars or bike, and I realise most of them are actually old man!

HAHAHHAHA! I wonder why they love setting car pictures as their profile pic lor!

2. Using other people's picture that is not yours


So you think you really look like that?


Or you think you can attract more girls with these pictures?

What I meant by using people's pictures is using pics of celebrities, models or even bloggers!

I think celebrities or famous models are still not that bad cause people obviously know it's fake! But I think it super gross to impersonate people! Like normally they will use bloggers or models pictures who are semi-famous and act like it's their picture and it's them! And not everyone knows that they are impersonating by using people's pictures, so some might gotten trick by it!

I seriously don't understand why people would wanna do that?

I mean, what can they get out from it? You mean you'll just hide behind your computer chatting all day with girls but you can't meet up with them? Weird shit you know!

3. Picture of hot sexy girls


Some Japanese AV girl picture?



Ahhhh.. I got nice boobs!

Pictures like that will only let people think that you're a old sick pervert!

Nobody in the right mind will reply or talk to you! Period!

4. Topless picture that show your fat body


As said! If you're not muscular enough, then better don't show!

5. Picture of you smoking


Not all girls fancy smokers! And it's the first impression here you see!

6. No picture at all


Clearly, nobody is interested with a profile with no pictures!

So it's either you get pictures of yourself up or you get no attention!

But well, I think it's a much better choice to leave it like that if you're going to post up pictures like what it's mention in point 1,2 and 3 though! Hahahaha! A much much better choice!

7. Act cute picture


Yes, hello! It's me!

I included this cause I reckon people will start saying, "You think your pictures very nice meah? Act cute so much and look like a gay! Still dare to say people ah! Look at yourself first!"

Hahahahaha! Alright! That's all about it though! Is it quite an abrupt ending?

Just that suddenly the thoughts came to me and somehow I feel like blogging it down lah! Okay! Gonna grab my dinner now, I'm famished! Come back tomorrow cause I might have a live chat with you guys (I hope I can make it!) or if not, I'll then try to blog again tomorrow! Bye!


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  1. Edwin9:26 pm

    Actually not all the boy create a social network account for girls.. Some of them just wanna make new friends, connect with thier friend from far away or update thier friends status..

  2. Most of what you've mentioned are true. This is reality.