Let's make a decision together!

June 09, 2011

I've something that I need you guys to make a decision with me!

I'll say about it at the later part of the entry, for now some pictures! Heheheh!


Selling hugs over at Ganbatte! Japan event held at Park Royal Hotel!

For those who didn't know yet, it's actually a charity flea market that helps to raise funds for Japan’s natural disaster victims! Thus I'm glad to be part of this real meaningful event!


My aunt (left) pop by to support as well as she's nearby! So sweet of her!


All the cash vouchers!

Though this might come late but I really need to thanks (okay, not really counted as late cause I did thanks you guys on twitter & on my page before hor) those who came down all the way to support me and this event! I know it's not really easy to find the hotel! Hahaha!

And somemore I'm just 'selling' my hugs and you guys won't be able to take home anything but the little sweet gesture of you people does make a difference to all the Japan victims!

Thankyou all my sweet ones! And on my part, I did donated too! For myself and on behalf of those readers who wants to come down to support but couldn't make it!

Don't worry, you guys are covered! Hahaha! I didn't forget about you all!


My first wisdom tooth check up over at KTPH! Love the environment there!


Then we went to buy for mum a white iPhone for Mother's Day!

HAHAHAHA! I know it's very bad to just covered her face with some orange shape thingy but because she don't look good here what! I don't care lah! I still wanna post up this picture!


Keep looking at left picture then the right, and back to the left (for afew times)!


Looks yums, but not really yummy!


Spice rice that we regret ordering! Should have ordered butter rice instead!


My pretty mummy! Muacks muacks!



Random: Picture of whole family dining together!


Random 2: Group picture of flight mates celebrating Choy's birthday!

Okay, here's something I wanna discuss with you guys!

As some of you might know, or some of you still didn't, I'm actually nominated by you guys the other time for the Singapore Blog Awards and thus I agree the nomination! So recently, I come to know that (with people tweeting me telling me), I was in the Top 10 finalist for the Best Individual Blog!

At first, when I know about I wasn't really sure whether I wanna rally people to vote for me or not cause I'm scared it will be really annoying to you guys if I keep rallying for votes!

But after seeing the prizes hor, I somehow really wanna win it leh!

Because one of the prizes is actually "A trip to Melbourne, Australia, inclusive of airfare and accommodation"!!!!! Omg! Which means I'll be able to go Australia (which I've never been there before) and I'll be able to take pretty pictures and show you guys on my blog too! Wooooo!

So now I'm asking whether you guys are in with me to help me to vote?
(I think voters also stand a chance to win prizes! And I don't mind giving away some of my prizes if I win to you guys also!)

But one, it's pretty a hassle cause you need to create a account and two, you have to vote everyday as you can only vote once a day! But all your votes will be made up to 30% of the whole thing!

So how? On or not? If you guys are okay, then we will all embark on the voting journey!

Anyway, below is the link to my category:

(For those who wanna vote for me already, can click on the "vote now"
button beside my picture there and not the fb like it button!)

I'll blog again tomorrow! See you guys! :)


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  1. i'm gonna vote for you lor, no way you're gonna lose to a blogging teddy bear =_=