Oh! Wedding again!

June 25, 2011


Went to one of my Airforce superior's wedding the other day!

It seems like I'm really getting old cause I'm starting to receive wedding invitation already! And I can't wait to attend my close friend's wedding! Maybe it will still take quite some time lah hor!


It's over at Holiday Inn Atrium!


Me posing with one of the wedding gift given!


Bookmark-like wedding photos!


The pretty bride and groom!


Sitting beside Adrian for the dinner!

And he anyhow go set my camera setting (actually I asked him to, cause all the pictures turns out grainy due to the super bad lighting there! bah!) and the effect turns out to be like that for some of the photos that he took for me! But quite nice also hor! Hahahahaha!


Not bad! Got act arty feel! Hahahaha!


All the dishes!


My belt for the day! Love the hanging chain!

It actually comes with a pair of pants that I bought online and I didn't know it can look so good! But the quality of it pretty suck, as the 'leather' is like going to break off soon when I wear it only once!


With Javin and Eddy!




The drinks where they mixed with all sorts of thing for the groom to drink!

The red in colour drink is mixed with chili, soy sauce, gravy of the fish, pepper, vinegar and all sorts of thing! Which is super gross! And another black beer is with 2 raw eggs inside!


Petals of roses to be thrown at the couple when walking in!


HAHA! Cpt Clarence and I playing with the dummy wedding cake after the whole thing ends!


And with Johnathon who is looking good that day!


Zhiwei is super drunk that day and he drank the glass of drink mixed with food down!

I seriously cannot believe how can he do that! It's really gross man!

It's even worse than the 2 drinks above, as it's mixed with different food inside leh! When I see him drinking down right, I almost barf out all the food that I ate just now lor! *burp*


With the wedding couple! :)


All our Bravo flight mates!


Then I went over to meet mummy for supper!

It's the last week to vote for me for the Singapore Blog Awards!

I know I haven't been asking you guys to vote much, cause I'm scared it will turn out really annoying if I keep tweeting or blogging about it everyday! But it's the last 7 days to vote and I'm still really not sure whether I'll win anot! So if you all can, please do go vote for me yea!

(Click on 'Vote Now' beside my picture to vote)

I know it's pretty much a hassle cause have to create an account before you vote and have to vote everyday (but if you are lazy just go vote once lor)! And thanks if you guys voted!

Hopefully I'll win lah cause then I'll be able to go Australia and take loads of pictures and share with y'all! Plus I really don't mind sharing with you guys the prizes too! Well, *cross fingers*!


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  1. Hi Ben! I saw you from afar at scape yesterday! =)