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July 10, 2011

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When I first know my cousin is involve in this campaign where they do it voluntarily to stand up against smoking and to be free and beautiful, I was so happy and proud of her!

I mean, as you guys know I'm not a smoker and I strongly encourage people NOT to smoke!

I really hope people who are around me will eventually quit smoking somehow, and I'm always trying to tell them and spread the message across, especially to my friends who smoke!

And the campaign they have came out up with is BFF 2011, where they hope to reduce smoking amongst youth of today! Which came along some exciting contest too!

1. Clue-do Race

Are you up for some fun and challenge?

If so, join them for an exciting time of clue-hunting and detective work with friends and win up to $1000 cash! The race is open to all female Singaporeans from ages 13 to 16!


Do ask your friends along and take part in the race! Sign up here!

2.BFF Writing Contest

Or if you love to write, you can do a write-up (no more than 50-100 words) on how you reject or quit smoking and email them:! Top post will win a prize of $100!

p/s: Also! On 23rd July itself, other than the Clue-do Race, there will be music, fun and adventure over at Orchard Central, 1-5pm! So do drop by if you're free!


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