Singaporeans, seriously?

July 04, 2011

So 2 days back, I went for the NDP preview (thanks airforce mates for the tickets) and everything was awesome except of which some acts of Singaporeans that totally disgust me!

Sometimes I don't understand why Singaporeans want to behave this way, and show others, especially foreigners, how rude we are! I mean obviously not all of us behave this way, but all because of how these people act, it then gives a really bad image and impression of us Singaporeans!

I shall not say about how rude Singaporeans are when taking public transport, or all those daily issues we all always faced! I mean, so much for saying, they still behave this way but what I saw 2 days back, during the NDP preview is something that really angers me!

I know some of you must be thinking, "please! you got so patriotic anot?".

I don't know, but if you're a Singaporean and you hate Singapore, you must be a really ungrateful person and I don't understand why are you still living here?! At least I know I love Singapore!

Not like to the extent that I'll kill someone when they say something bad about our country, but maybe I'll just get really annoyed and don't like it! I genuinely somehow like this place, and think how far Singapore have come and what will you be if you're not born in Singapore?

No natural disaster, good education system and so much more! If you wanna compare, compare with those living in the third world country, and then see if you will still complain and hate Singapore!

So back to what I saw during the NDP preview which totally pissed me off badly!

During the section, where we were asked to stand up for the national anthem, I saw a teen (prolly secondary school) sitting down while everyone stood up to sing the national anthem!

Can somebody tell me how fucking rude is this???!!!!!

If you're an elderly, it's fine if you couldn't really stand up and chose to sit down, which I don't even see that at all, as all the elderly stood up! But no, you're a young teenager and you chose to sit down while everyone stood up for the national anthem! Super shame on him man!

Which clearly shows that one, you ain't got any respect for the country, and two, how great your character is from this action! People like him should be told and I don't understand why people can stomp others kissing in the public and get all angry over such stuff yet feeling nothing and doing nothing when they (people around him) see this!

So you mean kissing in the public or sleeping on train is a worse action than that?


And please spare me all the stupid reasons you guys are gonna give me like, if he's sick or whatever! Cause he doesn't look sick at all! Unless you're saying that after the national anthem is finished, laughing and smiling to his friends is called being sick then I got nothing to say!

Apart from that, a lady sitting in front of me that keep on giving stares and 'tsk' at people when people cheer and get really excited during the NDP preview! Super wtf?!

Like seriously? If you're unhappy and don't like about it then don't come?

I mean it's normal and something 'right' that we all get hype up, excited and to cheer during such occasion what! If you dislike it or what, just stay home and watch the telecast from the tv lah! What for still come and torture yourself and spoils other people's mood and the great atmosphere there?

It's something to be joyful and worth celebrating about man! So if you don't like, just don't bother to come! Save the tickets for others who are more interested! PERIOD.


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  1. Anna May5:10 pm

    SUPPORT. (Y)

  2. Michelle5:22 pm

    Love Singapore too!!! :D
    But never been to NDP since Primary 5 lol

  3. Anonymous5:50 pm

    maybe he is not singaporean?

  4. Anonymous6:14 pm

    Maybe he is a foreigner?

  5. Gayle8:50 pm

    yeahh, thats not the worse. I saw a couple, yeah they stood up, but they were like hugging and kissing here and there throughout the National Anthem. We couldnt really do anything cos they were kind of far from us but they were still visible, with everyone standing up straight and all that. -__-

  6. Charlotte10:26 pm

    Enough said! 
    Totally agreed with you.
    I was a volunteer usher that day and I saw a family took the fun packs and left. 
    Wth, they wasted their tickets just by getting fun packs and left. 
    Throw face to the max only. :/

    &&Btw, I saw you when you were heading to green sector with your mum to collect your fun pack. :)

    Love your hair colour.. *-*

  7. erm yea guess he isnt local?

  8. Pamela3:29 pm

    *double like*
    I absolutely HATE those kind of people too. If you wanna act "cool" and not sing the national anthem, FINE, by all means but do not disrespect the country by not even standing up to show some respect. Shame on that youth. Makes me feel so embarrassed.
    Also, it's an NDP show for goodness sake! Obviously the atmosphere would be noisy. God. Someone bring them back to Basic Manners and Courtesy 101.