Kill me please...

October 17, 2011

Exactly 1 more week to exam, my first paper! But I can't seems to study at all! :(

I don't understand how can people just sit there for hours to study lor, cause I'm someone who cannot keep still for long! I need to move around lah, if not I feel very uneasy! Hyperactive, maybe I am! Hahaha! Will try to start revision tomorrow! Maybe I should just head alone to some library to study, without any distraction! Everyone remind me to study okay? I must pass pass pass! *punch fist*

Oh yah! On a sidenote, remember the other time the test which I'm super worry about?

I managed to pass all!!! Not with flying colours though, but I'm pretty glad that I did managed to pass all 3!! Super shocking cause I thought I will fail at first! For those who don't know what I'm talking about, which means you guys didn't follow me on Twitter, and you should do so now if you haven't! Hahaha!


Went facial with mum the other day at Serangoon, entry will be up soon once the client gets back to me!


Guess which is mine?


As usual, my super love soft shell crab! :D


Had the Tuna one and mum say it looks so pretty but I end up making it....


... until like this! HAHAHAH! Like baby food right!


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  1. yumyumyumyu all this fooodd is making me so hungry even though its 12am where i am :(
    goodluckk for your exams! i have exams soon too

  2. Rizan2:20 am

    Stop blogging and go study!!! :\

  3. Will you ever come out as gay? I mean it's pretty obvious and I don't think anybody cares.. x