Pure updates.

December 12, 2011

Hey guys! Just a lil pure update for those who wanna know what I've been doing!

I just change my hair colour again, and this time round it's completed with a new hair cut! So I guess I can say I'm no longer a blonde anymore though I really love the colour! :(

But somehow recently I really wanna change the image of myself! So maybe you guys can gradually see the change in me (apperance/dressing) which I think you all can already see some difference from my recent few entries on what I wear and how I do my hair right!

Anyway, I'll take pictures of me with my new hair later since I'll be going to USS with uni mates, so I guess it's a good time to camwhore abit! Hahaha! Then I'll show you guys lah k!

And something really exciting that me and Ran will be doing together will also be up soon for you guys, so stay tune and I know this is like a crappy entry but yea. Just feel like typing alittle bit before I head to bed!

Till tomorrow! xx


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  1. Shanice9:07 pm

    Looking forward to your new change (Y) 

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  3. It's so nice to be able to change the way you dress, isn't it? That's great, can't wait to see the "new you".