This video makes me miss my blonde hair...

January 27, 2012

Yup! We just posted up a new video days back during the CNY period!!!!

For those who haven't watch, here you go! ;)

And so, my birthday is tomorrow...

And up till now I've got nothing planned yet! I don't feel anything this year man, I mean I don't have the urge or hype to celebrate it as compared to the previous few years, where I'll always be pretty much excited about it and have some party or sort. But no, not this year.

I guess maybe it's because I'm getting older that's why! No wonder I always see mum and dad like don't feel anything much for their birthday one! They will think it's just another day, and when I was younger I always question them oh why aren't they like excited for their birthday one and ask them to celebrate it! Hahaha! Now I can slowly know why... So anyway, I guess my bffs (Fingers) will be celebrating it with me though, and it should be a simple one! Hahaha! For now, I'm kinda sick of big parties already!

Probably when I'm 25, I'll make another huge ass party again!

Till tomorrow, oh which is my birthday! Hahahaha! ;)


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  1. You're right. I'm only 19 but I am already not excited for certain stuff that I'm used to like previously. P.S. I still think you look nicer with black/dark brown hair. hehe!