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February 14, 2012

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As you all know that recently, I've been wearing alot of button-up shirts and just nice, Fashion Hooks send me 3 top which I picked amongst their latest men's collection which all are button-up shirt!

Come let me show you guys the 3 top which I camwhore quite abit with it......

typicalben outfit 2

The first one!!!

typicalben outfit 2-3

typicalben outfit 2-1

A grey denim top with a twist over at the pocket and shoulder area!

typicalben outfit 2-2

typicalben outfit 1

The second top!

typicalben outfit 1-2

Simple black & white checkered design shirt!

typicalben outfit 1-3

typicalben outfit 3-3

The last one that I've gotten!

typicalben outfit 3-1

typicalben outfit 3

A simple greyish blue denim-like shirt!

typicalben outfit 3-2

Yes, I know that's quite abit of pictures... hahahaha!! But it's a really tough decision to not to use them when I like them you know! So yea, here you have it all above! Hahaha!

And there's more different design/style of shirts over at their site too, not just only shirt of course, as they do have t-shirts as well! Plus they have female apparels as well (for the ladies who are reading this)!

You can go check them out over at....
(& you can quote 'Typicalben' for $2 off $30 purchase!)

They also provide free normal postage to all local customers, where the packages will be mailed out within 2 working days after payment is verified! And all email will be attended every single day without fail!

Also to receive first hand updates such as upcoming events, launching dates, flea or even fun events.. you can get them all over at their Facebook Page & Twitter! So if you're interested, do follow them there!

p/s: Oh and I just heard that they only have 1-2 piece left for all the men's apparels, as their stocks are running low and there's no way to restocks them! So do take action fast!!

That's all from me and as usual.... I'll end the post with the picture I love the most! ;)

typicalben outfit blogshop


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