I'm finally on Instagram!

March 30, 2012

As from the title above, yes I'm finally on Instagram after so freaking long!!!

typicalben started using instagram

Yup, I just created an account with it and okay I know I'm abit tad slow on that! -_-

Well, I didn't even bother to create an account for it a year back when many of my friends and especially mum & ran asked me to, as they are all using wtf. I think the reason of me not creating back is mainly because I was using a Blackberry, so like no point also. Plus I got other ways to mobile upload my pictures!

But since I've now changed to using iPhone as my main phone and also by the sudden influx of people that have been asking me to use it recently.... so I'm now using it lol! All for you guys hor, got touched not!!! :D

Oh! And another happy thing is that the person (apparently a caucasian guy) who is using my 'name' for his url on Tumblr finally deleted his Tumblr, so typicalben.tumblr.com is mine now!!!!! Wahaha!

Okay!!! End of pointless entry.


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