Mundane post for Monday

March 26, 2012

Wooo okay I'm awake! Law lesson at 3.30pm later and I woke up earlier (usually I'll just sleep till 1+, now is 11+) because I wanted to do alil bit of my project but when I opened my words document, I can't edit any shit then I realise all along I was using the trail version and I think it expired wtf!

So please allow me to show a sad pouty face for that....

typicalben with jingjing

Nah! Here it goes, with JJ! LOLOLOL!!!

Anyway I'm downloading 2010 trail version now -_- and while waiting for it to finish downloading I'm here to blog abit! And just to let you guys know, I'll be posting up another entry tonight and it's gonna be about my room after procrastinating for 2636722 years to blog about it, so do remember to check back later!

Oh god, I better just end this mundane post fast with some pictures.....

jingjing with typicalben

Another picture with JJ in school!

typicalben use phone camwhore

And she took a picture of me while I was camwhoring with my phone lol!

typicalben and zj

With Zj and I posted this up cause (I don't know why) both our face look so sharp here!

typicalben twitter 1

Last picture and I'm ending off! Goodbyeee!


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