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April 18, 2012

Back home from library, omg suddenly so stress until like don't know what!

Cause there's particularly one module which I totally don't understand anything at all, Management Accounting & Business. WHY SO DIFFICULT ONE AH!!!!!! :( Totally trying to make me go crazy man! First paper next Wednesday, I hope I can finish studying all by then!

Oh! And today is the first time I woke up so early, went to library and waited outside before it opens! Hahaha! And I was so shocked that when I reach (about 5-10mins before it opens), there were already ALOT of people queuing outside (like close to 100 lor) the library waiting to go in! And what's even more drama is that, when the shuttle gate open only until halfway, the front row people all bend down and rush in like mad! It's like watching running man or amazing race like that! Lol!

And then I see everyone running and snatching seats to study! We are all such hardworking students eh! Not bad obama.jpg. Alright, I'm gonna go shower then rest already! Till tomorrow!

typicalben mirror

Went town last week to study! Top from F21!

typicalben with ger

Was studying with ger that day!

typicalben old town


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  1. Prisong10:51 pm

    Hey Ben! May I know what camera is that please?

  2. Michelle7:50 pm

    Hey Ben, MAB wasn't that difficult really. You have tutorial answers right? Anyway all the best for your exams!! :D