Bye!!! I'm off to Bintan today!!!!

June 18, 2012

typicalben camwhore on cab black and white

Hello guys!! :D

I've just done with packing for my Bintan trip! Surprisingly it didn't took me long to pack and all (15mins only! fast huh!), I think it's because I didn't bring much stuff over. Oh yes, I'm going to Bintan for a short getaway for 3 days with Amelia and will be back on Wednesday! This week will be really fun and exciting cause there's so much stuff that is going to happen!!!! :D Will update you guys along the way k!!

Well, I'm so tired now cause I spend like so much of my energy playing with my cousin Lucas just now!

Was at grandma's place for Father's Day celebration earlier and can you believe Lucas is so super cute, cause he will just suddenly come and kiss me and hug me lolol!!! Plus he kept saying that he like me more than Ran, which makes Ran very sian HAHAHA!!!! He's so cute omg!!!!!

Anyway, I took quite alot of pictures with him just now (thanks to my cousins) and I did uploaded one up on my Instagram earlier though, I'm gonna upload the rest of them tomorrow up there as well, cause I'm so tired to do so now! And I think after blogging this entry I'm going to sleep cause the ferry is really early later!! I'll have to be awake at 6am..... zzzzzzzz....

typicalben camwhore on cab

Went to meet Ber the other day to catch up alittle!

chicken bites in a cup - sour plum soda

And we randomly went to this place to have some small bites cause she needed a power plug to charge her phone as it was totally flat! And her phone like forever low batt one tsk! Lol!


Ber while she try the 'chicken in the cup' thingy!

typicalben camwhore 2

Hi! Camwhore!

flying lens cap

And here, we have a flying lens cap!

expensive sour plum

The sour plum in our drinks which cost additional $2.10 for it! -_-

Abit ridiculous right, cause when the person asked us whether we want sour plum in our soda drinks, we were like... okay! But he didn't told us it would cost addtional $2.10 for just one small sour plum wtf.

Quite a ripoff leh right! Lololol!!!!! Totally a zha pian ji tuan!!!!

typicalben camwhore

Okay, ending off this entry now! Gonna sleep now! Bye!!


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  1. I love your eyes! : D and yay food porn!

  2. Anonymous1:08 pm

    is amelia your gf? :O

  3. Anonymous3:06 pm She blogged about you :D June 17th entry, first picture is DAY 11 that one!