Bintan trip 2012

July 15, 2012

Heh sorry for not updating for so long! :p

Forgive me k, cause I'm now back updating this pretty long entry for you all! So yes, I went over to Bintan for a short getaway with Amelia last month cause we both wanted a short break. She wanted a break from her work and for me, is before I go back for my annual ICT which I pretty dread initially.

But since the ICT is over, I should't talk more about it (though it's not that bad as I thought lol). So back to the trip, the planning phase was a breeze cause since it's Bintan I don't think there's anything much to plan also right hahaha! Plus Amelia settle most of the stuff for the trip! And here we goo!!!!!

typicalben on cab to ferry terminal 2

Called a cab to Tanah Merah ferry terminal super early in the morning!

Can somebody tell me why is it as Tanah Merah ferry terminal and not the Harbourfront one? Cause Tanah Merah ferry terminal IS SO SO FREAKING FAR AWAY FOR ME!!! HELLO!!! -__-

Cause the other time I went to Batam right, it was over at Harbourfront! So I asked Amelia and she told me that the ferry to Bintan is usually over at Tanah Merah instead! Don't know she anyhow say one or what! But it's really far, if I remember correctly, my cab fare cost about $40+ that morning!

typicalben on cab to ferry terminal 3

A blur camwhore shot of me in the cab!

typicalben on cab to ferry terminal

Another one which looks like those paparazzi 偷拍 me one! Lol!

And then after reaching the ferry terminal.....

ferry terminal prata

We had breakfast before boarding the ferry cause we both were super hungry!

amelia prata

This Amelia forever smiling to herself (as usual) while using her phone!

ferry boarding pass

The boarding pass!!

typicalben amelia waiting for ferry

While waiting for the ferry!




bintan ferry terminal

And we reached Bintan!!!!!!!!!

typicalben at bintan ferry terminal

A quick camwhore over at their ferry terminal!

bintan streets

And then we are on our way to do our full body massage!

bintan traffic

Oh! We are over at Tanjung Pinang if you guys are wondering!

bintan massage 2

The massage parlour!

bintan massage

The bed where I'll be doing the massage!

You know I don't even dare to put my face down on the towel because I realise the towel has like some spots on it which I think it's permanently stained! So I think it's not dirty, but just stained! Yet even so.... I didn't dare to lie down on it with my face cause I scared later my face will have pimples lol!

So can you imagine throughout the whole 1 hour of massage, my head is so unrelaxed wtf.

Cause about 45 mins of the massage is on my back, and that's when my face have to be placed on the towel! And the masseuse is pretty funny cause she keep telling me I look very handsome and keep smiling at me throughout the whole massage which makes me feel pretty uneasy lol! Plus on top of that, she keep non stop asking me questions like, whether do I have girlfriend etc. for the 1 whole hour! Zzzzz...

So in the end I think I never really had a relaxing massage, more like an interview session -__-!

typicalben bintan massage

Done with the massage!!!!!!

typicalben amelia bintan massage

With Amelia while waiting for them to fetch us to have our lunch!

lunch restaurant

And here we are over at their local food stalls for lunch!

lunch at bintan

Mine! Bbq ayam penyet! Very yummy but the portion is so small!

bintan toilet

Nah! A random picture of the toilet there for you! Hahaha!

There's no flush over at all their toilets one, even those in their shopping mall!

I find it very hard to use the pail of water to flush down especially if we shit (omg see! we Singaporean kids are so lucky, so stop complaining already). And you might ask, why would I know? Cause I actually did shit over at their shopping mall the second day! HAHAHAHA! Okay lah, too much information!

Then after we're done with our lunch, we went to check in to our hotel.......

aston tanjung pinang bintan hotel room 4

Our hotel room!!

aston tanjung pinang bintan hotel room 1

aston tanjung pinang bintan hotel room 2

The toilet!

aston tanjung pinang bintan hotel room 3

Anyway the hotel that we are staying is not near any beach or sort, cause we didn't really wanted a beach resort or even to go to beach! Many of my friends kept asking me why we go Bintan but never go beach at all! Cause usually that's what people go there for, but we just didn't really want to go cannot is it!

But the hotel service is really awesome and the room is so clean and new!!!

amelia typicalben camwhore mirror reflection

Before going to the pool!!!

amelia typicalben camwhore mirror

Another one on our bed!

aston tanjung pinang bintan swimming pool 2

And off we go to the pool!

aston tanjung pinang bintan swimming pool

amelia by the pool

Gotten our seats and she's posing with the drinks & snacks menu lol!

aston tanjung pinang bintan swimming pool 3

typicalben in the pool

And here I go into the pool!!!!!! :D

typicalben in the pool 2

Love my hair and the colours of this picture! Oh how I miss my hair!

typicalben amelia in the pool

With Amelia in the pool! Love this picture!

The staff there is super nice, he volunteer to help us take the picture even without us asking at all!

amelia in the pool

After taking some pictures, she told me she's gonna seriously start swimming!

So I said okay, she shall go swim and I shall carry on continue to....

typicalben camwhore in the pool

Take pictures!!! Hahaha! And here's me camwhoring in the pool! :D
And you all see my teeth it's getting so straight now wtf.

typicalben camwhore in the pool 2

Another one!!! I love all these pictures!!!!

aston tanjung pinang bintan swimming pool 4

amelia swimming

Evidence of Amelia really swimming! No joke!

typicalben by the pool

After that, we came up from the pool to chill and ordered drinks!
Here's a nice candid shot Amelia took for me, but I realise there's people at the back!

So I asked her to retake it again for me.......

typicalben by the pool 2

Ahhh so much better! Hahahaha!

typicalben havaianas

My Havaianas!

carrot juice and watermelon juice by the pool

Our drinks! I'm having carrot juice, and her's watermelon!

amelia in bikini

And here you have, the chioest pic of the day for her in bikini!!

typicalben leopard prints shades

Random picture of my shades.

soup bintan

Then it's dinner time!!!!!!!

fish and chip bintan

Mine! Fish & chips!

curry bintan

And she's having curry chicken!

bintan fruits

And that's all for day 1 as we fell asleep at around 8pm cause we were so tired!!!!

morning typicalben hair bintan

Second day morning! Going for breakfast with Amelia's hairband!

breakfast bintan

The spread was just okay, not very fantastic....

Then after breakfast, we changed and prepare to go for shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!

typicalben camwhore on car bintan

Finally a first proper picture of me without shades for this entry lol!!

typicalben camwhore on car bintan 3

In the car otw to Ramayana Mall for shopping!!!

amelia on car


bintan ramayana mall 2

And here's how Ramayana Mall looks like inside!

I think it's something a departmental store like Metro, Robinsons or sort in their country?

And the stuff they sell are pretty much like Song & Song or pasar malam kind of stuff but if you dig and walk around, you sure can find nice stuff to buy one!!! And furthermore, the stuff are really cheap there! The average cost of a tee shirt that I bought there (nice one lah) cost less than 4-5 bucks only!

bintan ramayana mall

Can you believe there's one whole section where it's BUY 1 GET 2 FREE? WTF.

So I gotten 3 tee shirts from the section, and each one only cost $1+!!! Too ridiculous!!!!!

But Amelia say for the ladies stuff, there isn't anything much to buy though! Oh! We also went over to their supermarket where we bought quite a number of stuff there too! I'll show you guys later what I bought!

bintan ramayana mall food 2

Taking a break from shopping, having our lunch at this fast food restaurant in their mall!

bintan ramayana mall food

bintan ramayana mall shopping

And we are done with shopping!!!!! On our way back to the hotel!!!!

room service dinner bintan

My dinner for the night!

And now, the stuff that I bought over at Ramayana Mall:


Okay, I'm lazy to fold everything up nicely to take picture but I bought around 12-14 tops!

bintan indo mee

Bought some indo mee back and super huge tin of butter cookies for mummy!
Oh and the 2 small packets in front are seasoning for fries!

bintan gatsby wax

Bought like 10 gatsby wax cause it's so freaking cheap, each cost less than $2 only!
You tell me how can I not buy right???!!! I'm regretting now, cause I should have bought more!!!!

bintan disney princess tumbler

Cute Disney tumbler I bought back for my cousins!

bintan room service lunch

Ending of with this Tom Yum soup we had before going back to Singapore on the 3rd day!

For those who want to know, I only spend like about $370 for the whole trip and it's more than enough!!!!

The ferry + hotel + massage + local lunch cost around $170 (I think it's $160++ but I just round it up), and I only change $200 SGD to Rupiah for the whole trip which cover all the expenses of shopping, transport (having the car to fetch us to and back from the malls) and dining, which is even more than enough!

Okay, that's all! I'll blog more entries soon yeah! So many stuff to update!! Bye!!! :D


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  1. Anonymous4:22 pm

    Wow, now i am tempted to visit Bintan next time =)

  2. The gatsby wax is not as strong as the one you have in Singapore, but you can mix it with a lil bit hairspray and there you have it, a super strong wax.
    (i'm indonesian living in Singapore :D)

  3. Anonymous8:32 pm

    Wow the pictures are all super nice!

    Really like the picture you put as your blog header!


  4. Anonymous10:00 pm

    is amelia your girlfriend?

  5. Anonymous6:51 pm

    which hotel is that?

    1. Anonymous4:39 am

      ASTON Tanjungpinang - Hotel & Conference Center

  6. Anonymous9:57 am

    tanjong pinang is a terrible boring place with 1 pathetic small Ramayana shopping centre.stay north bintan near the sea around bintan resort hotel is better.

  7. Anonymous11:46 pm

    How did u arrange the car from the hotel to Ramayana shopping centre and back to hotel?