Birthday dinner for Fingers, June babies!

July 02, 2012

Went for a simple birthday celebration for the 3 June babies in Fingers! Zj couldn't make it on the day as he was running fever, so the 4 of us still went ahead since we already planned it long before!

Nosh Restaurant and Bar 2

First time over at Nosh!

typicalben Nosh Restaurant and Bar

I posted a similar picture up on Instagram that day as well!

kx ting angie Nosh Restaurant and Bar

The 3 birthday girls!

food at Nosh Restaurant

Complimentary appetizers!

Nosh Restaurant and Bar 3

Fingers at Nosh Restaurant and Bar

Group picture while we wait for our food!

food at Nosh Restaurant 4

Sambal snapper for Kx & Angie!

food at Nosh Restaurant 3

Grilled chicken pasta!

food at Nosh Restaurant  2

I had this! Seared sea bass!

typicalben and angie at Nosh Restaurant

Me with Angie!

typicalben at Nosh Restaurant

And here's me.... with my food! Lol!

1-Caramel cakes

Deserts after that at 1-Caramel!

1-Caramel soup

And we randomly just ordered a soup as well!


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  1. Anonymous7:02 pm

    This hairstyle suits you very much :)

  2. Issac8:41 pm

    hey ben, where did u get your blue top from?

  3. Anonymous8:51 pm

    So pretty the place! where is it? (:

  4. omg I'm so hungry T_T

  5. Anonymous1:03 am

    What's your ratings for this restaurant?

  6. Anonymous8:51 pm

    Loveeeee your blue top !