Ting's convocation + filming at camp challenge!

July 20, 2012

zj kx typicalben at nus convocation

Went for Ting's convocation at NUS the other day with Zj and Kx!

nus convocation

NUS convocation hall

So proud of her!! She's the first one amongst us to graduate!

writing wishes for ting convocation

Writing congratulation message for her!

fingers at ting's convocation

Group picture with Ting!! Super love this picture, why so nice one!
It's a pity Angie couldn't make it due to exams, otherwise it would be perfect!

typicalben ting at nus convocation

Omg Ting, I'm so proud of you!!!! I almost teared when I see her on stage! :')

black and white roses

The roses that we got for her! Zj took this picture with effect using his cam!


Filming the other day with Ran for reelity.tv!

randy at camp challenge

Ran! Behind him is the the high element obstacle course!

typicalben at camp challenge

Here's meeeeeeeeee!

camp challenge

Wanna see how we go through the high element obstacle course???

You guys can watch it over here: http://www.reelity.tv/episodes/reelity-showdown-episode-1/


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