Filming over at Sentosa, Palawan Beach!

August 27, 2012

So about a month back or so, we went for last filming for the final episode of Reelity Showdown!!!!

Yes, it's the finals already! So fast right! And I'm actually quite shocked that we actually made it to the finals! I think I should say "I'm quite shocked that I actually made it to the finals" instead of "we" cause at first when they first asked me whether I'm interested to do this, I was kinda hesitating for quite abit! Cause I wasn't really the very sporty kind of guy (as you all know) and I'm worried if they ask us to do those like really sports kind of challenges then I might not be able to do it well! Lol!

You know like those ball games and all, I'm pretty much lousy at that wtf. But it was Ran who told me I'll do fine, so yeah we went ahead and I'm glad I did cause we had so much fun!!!! :D

Everyone was really nice to us, especially Joshua and Rudy!! Thank you for taking care of us!!

But if you were to ask me about the not-so-fun part, it will be the one over at the semi-finals where played paintball cause it's super painful and I got shot on the neck where it leaves a ugly scar now! :(

I'm quite, no it should be... I'm extremely disturbed by the scar until now still! Hahaha!!

I know you will say that I'm vain but it's on my neck eh, visible area hor!! Sigh, but I hope it lightens overtime! I'm spamming vitamin E oil daily on it now hahaha! So yeah, in conclusion.. I don't encourage any of you guys to go the play paintball at all lol! Unless you wanna feel the pain haha! Maybe I'll upload those pictures of all the bruises and scar next time if I remember k, remind me!

Here's some pictures of us over at Palawan Beach, Sentosa filming our final episode~!!
(Thanks Hui Xian for all the pictures!)

typicalben randyys filming for reelity tv 2

We were getting ready! Check out my twist! Hahaha!

typicalben randyys filming for reelity tv

The sun that day... is really too much! Hahaha!

typicalben randyys at sentosa beach

Me and Ran! (Team BenRanAway!!!)

Both of us are wearing the Airforce shorts!!! Hahaha!! Cause Ran was thinking really hard on what shorts to wear, then I say "Aiya! Just wear my Airforce shorts also lah!" so ended up both of us wore it! Plus he was wearing my old havaianas that day cause he couldn't find any slippers last minute that morning lolol! And by old, I mean really old... I bought it during my poly days and I haven't been wearing it for years!

typicalben randyys noel boyd at sentosa

With the cute Noel! He's really sweet to us too!

typicalben randyys jayne manager at sentosa

With our blog manager, Jayne!

I think she go there be pretty only lor! I told her usually manager have to like you know, bring umbrella and shade us, bring us water and fan us! But she never, just go there with make up, be pretty and wear shades somemore! Hello, you see where can like that! More diva than us hor!!! Hahaha!

But I think she trying to seduce hunks that day lah! Okay okay can, I forgive her hahaha!!!

typicalben randyys filming for reelity tv 3

And the final challenge starts!!!

typicalben filming for reelity tv

See my serious moment!! Not bad right!!

typicalben randyys filming for reelity tv 4

I think this picture is taken when I'm trying to remove the paddle away!

typicalben randyys filming for reelity tv 5

Where are we going???????

typicalben randyys filming for reelity tv 6

HAHAHA! We look super funny here!!! Both of us were like :O

typicalben randyys filming for reelity tv 7

Yes, into the water we go!

Shit I'm actually not supposed to blog so much about it eh right, if not later you all watch the video then no suspense already lolol! But again, all the pictures very nice!! If never post up like abit wasted haha!!

And Sentosa looks really pretty from all the pictures isn't it! ;)

typicalben randyys filming for reelity tv 8

You really need to watch the video to know what are we doing!
I'm like a superman on top of the water wtf!

typicalben randyys filming for reelity tv 9


typicalben randyys filming for reelity tv 10

typicalben randyys filming for reelity tv finals

Had fun that day! Except that after that I think I become 5 shades tanner lol! :(

Do check out the video over here:

Yeah, so we really had of fun that day! But towards the of the filming, the small camera (Go Pro Hero 2 which looks like this) that's attached to our raft dropped into the waters and we couldn't find it utill now!

And that day, there's a group of NYP lifesaving guys who knew and voluntarily helped us dive into the waters to search as well but still couldn't find (but really had to thank them too for being so nice)! So I just thought if any of you people come across it on the shores or if any of you guys can dive and wanna practice diving, can shun bian dive there and help to see if you happen to find it anot! Hahahaha!

Okay, that's all from me for now! Byeeeeee!!


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