Going mauve/purple hair!

August 11, 2012

Hello!!!! So yes, you guys must have know that I've already dyed my hair to mauve colour around last week and it's the colour that most of you guys wanted me to do!!! As I couldn't decide which colour to dye at that point of time (I was thinking of green at first), so I ended up asking you guys to vote on twitter with the colours that I couldn't decide on, and the most votes goes to mauve colour.... so I did it!

typicalben at action hair salon

Over at Action Hair Salon!!!!

typicalben last black hair

Goodbye my black/dark brown hair!

typicalben at action hair salon 2

Last camwhore shot before I start dyeing my hair!

bleach dye

First step is to bleach my hair!!

typicalben bleach hair

In the process of bleaching!

action hair salon hair colours

typicalben bleach final dye purple

After the bleaching is done, they applied the mauve colour dye!



And then for the final result.......



typicalben and hair stylist diva action hair salon

Tadah!!!! Me in my new hair together with my awesome hair stylist, Diva!!!!

Tell me how pretty is the hair colour!!!!! I totally love itttttttt!!!!! So happy!!!! :D

Woooo! I'm very happy and glad that Diva is doing my hair for me this time round again, cause the previous time he's also the one who did my hair when I wanted to dye it black + cut it short, and I had such a good experience with him! I love how he always communicate with me and understand what I really want and not forgetting to tell me his opinions and advices in his professional point of view!

I think communication with the hair stylist is really important when it comes to doing of hair!!!!

action hair salon awards

Thank you Action Hair Salon!!!

And now, more pictures of my new hair colour:

typicalben in purple hair colour

This is the picture that I posted up on my Instagram on that day after my hair dye and it gotten more than 200++ likes in less than an hour wtf! The fastest 'like' picture I ever gotten ever on Instagram!!!

typicalben in mauve purple hair colour

Another one!!

mauve dark purple hair

You can see it's in a darker shade of mauve!!

typicalben mauve purple colour hair

But after about afew wash, the colour became lighter and brighter!!!!!

typicalben in mauve purple colour hair

mauve purple hair colour typicalben

So pretty right!!!!

And currently now, my hair colour faded into tint of ashy colour together with abit of mauve!!! Cause my stylist said he did added alittle ash mixture into the dye that time! Quite nice now also!!!

Plus I'm getting quite excited now as I'm typing this cause I already thought of what colour I wanna do next! Hahaha!! I think it won't be long for my next visit, prolly end of the month! Yay!!!!

Action Hair Salon
Paragon Shopping Centre #05-08
Phone: 6732 1003


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  1. Anonymous3:51 pm

    nice colour ben!

  2. I went to the Salon for hair dye after you recommand it, they are really good (:

  3. i mega love your hair color, if only i'm not schooling :(

  4. Anonymous2:05 pm

    Cool! How much will it cost???

  5. Wow, I love your new hair color! *p*
    The purple one reminds me of L.Joe of Teen Top o: look gorgeous as well! :3