12 discounted gifts for Christmas over at Jipaban!

December 12, 2012

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Yay!! Christmas is around the corner, how did you guys plan to celebrate for this year?!!

For me right, I haven't plan yet though, but I'll be celebrating with Fingers as usual!

It has become our traditional to celebrate Christmas together and this year will be our 10th or 11th year of celebrating together already! :D We are old old friends already lololol!!! But other than thinking of where and how to celebrate, we also gotta buy some gifts and presents for our loved ones as well!

Rather than going to shopping malls which will be filled with so many people squeezing around, why not try online shopping over at Jipaban buying your Christmas gifts this time round!

typicalben jipaban christmas 12 days special

Cause not only that they came out with an awesome gift guides for you guys, they also specially selected
12 gifts at a discounted price everyday for 12 days before Christmas! How awesome!

Come let me show you guys the 12 different gifts for the 12 different days.....

jipaban 12 days promo 1

jipaban 12 days promo 2

jipaban 12 days promo 3

jipaban 12 days promo 4

jipaban 12 days promo 5

jipaban 12 days promo 6

Yes, above are the 6 different gifts that will be discounted for the first 6 days starting from 12th December! For me I think I personally will buy the Hello Kitty X Elmo Plushie and the Lego Camera for my friends!

Let's carry on and see the other 6 gifts then.....

jipaban 12 days promo 7

jipaban 12 days promo 8

jipaban 12 days promo 9

jipaban 12 days promo 13

jipaban 12 days promo 14

jipaban 12 days promo 15

Yup! That's the 12 different gifts that will be discounted for the 12 different days before Christmas! Seen anything you like yet? If not you could also hop over at to their website for more different stuff!


(And specially for you guys, just key in this code 'jpbxmas10' when you shop
over at Jipaban and you get to enjoy a 10% storewide discount!!! Yay!!!)

p/s: Nope, it's still not too late to shop especially when you have their Christmas Gift Guide ;)


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  1. Your hair is so awesome >: D

  2. Anonymous6:59 pm

    Hi ben, what camera are you using for this post?