New hair colour (Blue + Purple highlights)!

December 06, 2012

Hello everyone!!!!! I'm here to show you guys the hair that I've done during late October which I'm now still having the hair style and colour (just that it faded for quite abit but the colours is still there)!!!!

I'm very happy that Diva (my stylist) is doing my hair this time round again, as I trusted him alot and I always think he can do magic to my hair which this time round he did!!!

As I was telling him the other time when I'm over at Action Hair Salon, that I'm going for filming and after that a Taiwan trip so I want a pretty hair lah (like obviously right! hahaha!) and I also have the sudden urge to do some highlights on my hair as well! So after some discussion with him, he roughly told me what he's going to do and I just told him "I trust you and just do whatever you think will look awesome". And it then turns out to be really quite awesome lor, cause I really really love it alot!!! Picturessss!!!

typicalben on cab with blue purple hair

Me and my new hair with the awesome highlights (more in detail later)!
And this picture is actually taken few weeks after I've done my hair!

Here's some pictures of my hair when I just did them! Overall it's pretty much short and layered, so it's not that fluffy anymore like how I always love my hair to be! And to tell you in detail of my hairstyle.......

typicalben blue purple highlights hair colour

Base: Ash brown/green colour - which I totally love!
Front: Blue + purple chunky highlights - which I love it even more lololol!!!

typicalben black sides - ash brown green colour hair

Sides & lower back: Is short and in black colour!
Which I think gives a unique blend to the hair! So my hair now has 4 colours!!

But after afew wash right, I realise that there's also green/turquoise colour in the highlights as well (which you can also see from the pictures)!!! And below, is when I styled my hair with wax!!!

typicalben blue purple highlight hair

Very pretty right!!!

typicalben blue purple highlight hair close up

Closer shot of the hair!

Recently after my hair colour faded alittle, alot of people have been calling my hair the "Cookie Monster hair colour" which I'm very happy about it as you all know that I love Cookie Monster alot right lolol!!!!

Some more pictures of my hair, but this time round it's without styling! No wax or anything!

typicalben with blue purple highlights hair

You can now see the purple highlights from this view!

typicalben blue purple highlights hair

blue purple highlights hair on typicalben

And before I go off, here's something special for you guys this December!!!! :D

Just quote "Typicalben" and get $50 off - for hair dye/highlights service!!!!
(Basically it means for any chemical services right, you will get $50 off! Yay!)
(And it's limited to the first 50 pax only, so hurry don't wait already! ^_^)

Action Hair Salon
Paragon Shopping Centre #05-08
Tel: 6732 1003


Action Hair Boutique
02 Bay Front Avenue
Galleria level B1-150 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Tel: 6688 7321

p/s: You guys can also check out their Facebook Page here!


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  1. Makes me think of GDRAGONNN!!! but still it look good on you!:D

  2. Wow!
    Your hair is really awesome.
    It looks good on you :3

  3. Love the way the blue and turquoise work together :-) I did my hair with Manic Panic Badboy Blue at the tips :D

  4. These are really getting more popular by the day. With all the Korean pop culture rising, it's getting bigger and bigger, no doubt about it. I can see these styles becoming more flexible or versatile over the next few months.

  5. I’ve been browsing your collection of hairstyles, and I must admit that only a few men (and they’re mostly kpop idols) can pull off your choices of hair color. Hopefully, many men would be more adventurous in trying out this trend.

    Stela Dimitrov

  6. aww. I really want to dye my hair again. My nasty school just won't let me have those super light and eccentric Colors.. T____T