To Omni Dental Centre for Invisalign refinement!

December 02, 2012

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Hello everybody!!!!! For those who have been following me throughout my invisalign journey from the start until now, I'm very pleased to announce to you all that....... I have actually completed wearing ALL 21 sets of my invisalign aligners already!!!!! Yayyyyy!!!! :D :D :D :D

Thank you thank you!!! I'm super touched now lololol!! And as you can see that, I took really fast to complete the whole treatment it and that's the "power" of invisalign! I'll show you my current teeth later!!!

And for invisalign right, after when it's done, your orthodontist and yourself will review it and if there is a need for refinement (to make you teeth look even better) we can actually request for it and have it done! Which me and my orthodontist, Dr Loh decided to do so after reviewing! Cause there's actually still a small gap in between my both front teeth and by doing the refinement will close it and also can do minor refinement to all the other teeth as well! So when it's completed it will be prefect!

typicalben to omni dental centre for invisalign refinement`

Over at Omni Dental Centre the other day to have my refinement mould done!

removing attachement for invisalign refinement

Here's Dr Loh removing all the attachments on my teeth before we can do the mould!

Doing refinement is actually basically like "starting all over again", where we have to do our teeth mould (like how we first started to do invisalign) and having it send over to get our invisalign aligners done!

doing mold for invisalign refinement

While waiting for the mould to set and harden!

mold  for invisalign refinement

Yay all my moulds are done! Top, bottom and the bite of my teeth!

To be honest, I'm really really happy to be able to do invisalign with Omni Dental Centre cause throughout the whole treatment process, they have been so professional, friendly and caring! And since I've completed the whole 21 sets of invisalign aligners already, it's time to show you guys the current state of my teeth!!!

But before that, let me show you the mould model of my teeth before I started wearing invisalign.....

typicalben teeth before invisalign

You can see how messy it is! Especially my bottom row and my protruding front tooth!!

typicalben top and bottom teeth mold initially before invisalign

A clearer view of the top and bottom row of my teeth before I started wearing invisalign!

And after wearing invisalign, the current state of my teeth now looks like this:

teeth after invisalign typicalben

See how straight and tidy it has become!!!!!! :')

taking pictures for invisalign refinement

And the last step is to take some pictures of my teeth which has to be
provided for them to do my refinement set as well!

taking pictures for invisalign refinement 2

And that's all!! Can't wait for my refinement sets to arrive!!

If you guys interested in invisalign treatment or have any questions, you can give Omni Dental Centre a call at 6737 7375! And also, you can visit their website for more details too!

That's all for now, will update you guys again when my refinement sets is here! :D


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  1. Anonymous7:39 pm

    Next post---FILMING OVER AT GENTING!!!lolol

  2. Anonymous11:16 pm

    WOW! Your teeth is so white, healthy looking and clean! Envy MAX! :DD