Yay! Invisalign refinement sets came!

December 17, 2012

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Omg yay finally after weeks of waiting, the refinement of my invislign sets came!!!!!!

I was so excited when I heard about it and I can't wait to rush down to Omni Dental Centre cause I wanna know how many sets are there (for the refinement) and at the same time, I also can't wait to complete the whole treatment and have beautiful smile and straight teeth as well! :D

typicalben over at omni dental centre for refinement invisalign

Over at Omni Dental Centre!!!

Dr Loh helped me to put on the attachment (where it is needed to hold onto the invisalign aligners) and told me that I've got 21 sets of refinement invisalign aligners! Omg 21 sets more, which means that the route to prefect straight teeth for me still got quite abit of time to go!!! But it's okay, it's worth it!!!!

And somemore it's actually as quite fast already considering how fast I completed my previous 21 sets right! Also, most importantly is to have an awesome outcome right!!!!! So yeah!!!!

tv over at omni dental centrewile waiting for treatment

Watching Mr Bean while I put on my first, new set of refinement invisalign aligners!!!!

typicalben on refinement invisalign aligners

Tadahh!!!! And here you have me with my first, new set of invisalign aligners!!!!!

Thank you Omni Dental centre for this smile, it's really awesome! I really loved it!! And I'm sure it will be even awesome-er lolol after I completed my refinement sets! Thank you thank you!!!

typicalben over at omni dental centre for refinement invisalign camwhore

Another selca of me over at Omni Dental Centre!

Heheh alright, that's all from me for now! I'll update you guys on my invislign journey again! :B

For now, if you guys interested in invisalign treatment or have any questions, you can give Omni Dental Centre a call at 6737 7375! And also, you can visit their website for more details too!


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  1. Anonymous10:41 pm

    I know when did you visit there this time round! The time after you were back from Taiwan right ? woooohoooooo can someone tells me that I am actually a hardcore stalker lololol!

    1. Lololol you sounded so cute!! Yeah, I shall certified you as one now! ;)

  2. Anonymous2:59 am

    what kind of watch is that your wearing?