Taipei - Taiwan Trip Day 1

January 15, 2013

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typicalben departure to taiwan

Okay everyone!!!! So I finally finish editing the pictures for Day 1 of Taiwan trip that me and Ran went last year during November!! I've been procrastinating about blogging this trip because there's so many pictures to go through, filter and then edit! Just solely for day 1 right, I already took 535 pictures eh!!!

I think I really never let you all down as a blogger lor, cause I just keep on snapping non stop throughout the trip! So in total right, I took 4245 pictures for the whole trip!!! Can you tell me it's quite kuazhang, imagine having to go through 4k++ of photos and to see which to edit will totally kill my brain cells, therefore I need time to do so lah! Okay, that explains why I delay until now then blog about it!

Anyway, to talk more about this trip... Me and Ran wanted to go overseas together for the year end of last year and we have been talking about it since the beginning of 2012 already, and we were thinking about going to Korea at first, but due to the limited amount of time we have to plan, we thus decided to go Taiwan instead! And to be honest, I never thought Taiwan would be so fun and a nice place to be in!

I mean seriously, last time whenever people tell me how great and fun Taiwan is right, I always doubt them and think that how fun could it be??!!! And why does it seems like everyone love to go to Taiwan that much????!! I really cannot understand!! Only until after I went for this trip then I realise, it's actually quite nice leh!!! I think the most important factor which I cannot stop raving about is how friendly, polite and nice Taiwanese are!!! THEY ARE ALL GENERALLY SUPER NICE AND WITH GOOD MANNERS!!

With that alone makes me enjoy my stay over at Taiwan alot already! Cause I feel super welcome by them and everyone we met during our stay there are so nice and helpful towards us!! I think by blogging this trip will make me miss Taiwan alot, and I cannot wait to go back there again soon! Hahaha!!

And before I start flooding you guys with the pictures, I'll have to thank Regent Taipei Hotel & Just Sleep Hotel for the awesome 4 night of stay over at their hotels (we went for 12 days), which I'll show you guys more in this blog post later and also in my up coming posts (Day 2/3/4) of this Taiwan trip! They have been a great host and I totally enjoyed my stay with them!! Also not forgetting Jayne, my blog manager and Jipaban for sending us clothes for the trip as well!!! Oh and my aunt, Jose too!! Hahaha!!

jipaban top for taiwan

Apparels from Jipaban which came just in time for our trip!!

Alright, so I shall start!!!! As our flight is a midnight flight at 12.55am, we then took a cab down to the airport and we reached pretty early like about 10pm! Which I think it's good to reach early especially for flights, cause you don't have to be so rush and all..........

typicalben randy at airport

Me and Ran with our luggage over at the airport!

typicalben randyys at airport

Camwhore before we went to check in our luggage lol!

checking in luggage at airport

Checking in our luggage!!! We keep finding it weird and don't understand why is our luggage in each other's favourite colour lolol! Like shouldn't it be that I'm using the orange one while he uses the yellow one?

hair when checking in luggage

Random shot of my hair while waiting for the process to be done!

typicalben ran over at airport flying to taiwan

And yay!!! We are going already!!! Bye Singapore, Hello Taipei!!!

starbucks at airport T2

But as we are still early for the flight, so we went to grab a coffee first!

typicalben orange passport and air tickets

My air ticket and my orange passport cover which I've been using for years already!

After that we boarded the plane and halfway through the flight, while I was in my unglam mode using my phone, one air stewardess came over and say "Ben, this is for you!". I was like "Huh?!". Then she say "I'm your blog reader, and this ice cream is for you!" and she also gave one to Ran too!!! So sweet lor!!!

ben&jerry's ice cream on plane

Thanks!! I was really touched and happy by her little gesture!!! :)

Little that you know, that really made my day lor! Hahaha! Sometimes I really feel very thankful to have all of you guys whom I don't really know but yet are so nice to me! Why you all so nice to me!!! :')

night view from the plane of taiwan

The view from the plane while we are about to reach Taiwan!

taiwan tao yuan airport

We then reached Taiwan, Taoyuan International Airport!!!

typicalben posing with a mascort over at taiwan tao yuan airport

Was tired from the flight but nevertheless, there's always energy left to take photo hahahaha!!

taiwan tao yuan airport mcdonalds

Since it's still early (we arrived at around 5/6am), we went to have Mcdonalds breakfast!
And yes, the uncle is scratching his butt right at me while I took the photo lol!

mcdonalds breakfast taiwan tao yuan airport

Their menu is different from us and I had egg burger with vegetables!
But it's not just solely egg and vegetables lah, there's ham in there too! Quite yums!

pre paid data sim at taiwan tao yuan airport

We then went to buy our prepaid data sim card over at the airport!
It cost $800 TWD (which is about $34 SGD) and able to use unlimited for 12 days!

And since it's still very very early even after we did so much stuff, we thought we could just take a coach to our hotel area instead of taking a cab and so we went to get tickets for the coach over at the airport too!

bus coach tickets at taiwan tao yuan airport

The coach tickets! We didn't know we could use the Easy Card (their Ez-Link card, which we gotten
at 7-11 earlier) for the ride lor, if we had known we wouldn't go buy the tickets already!

ran on bus taiwan

Ran in the coach while checking where should we alight!

And there's this Taiwanese lady with us on the coach as well, and she is super helpful cause she helped us to check using her phone (Google map lolol) where should we alight and she even told the coach driver about us as well, making sure we alight at the right stop! Why everyone we met there is so nice one wtf.

typicalben at taiwan on the bus to hotel

And here you have me, using my phone cause can use internet liao!! Hahaha!!

taiwan cute train card pokemon

Their Easy Card which can be easily bought over at their 7-11 stores where you can use it to take their train or bus and to buy stuff from 7-11! So cute right, got Pokemon design somemore!

bus stop at taiwan

Alighted from the coach!!!!

road of taiwan

We then took a cab to the hotel cause we were quite lost on where direction to go lololol!

IKR, we should just cab straight down from the airport but it's okay lah cause the coach ride cost only about $3+ SGD!! Super cheap lor!! If we were to cab right, I think it will cost around $50++ SGD from airport! But that's because you are taking from the airport, cause I think they got a fixed rate or something. But generally their cab fares are relatively cheap there and we always take cab there one cause it's readily available everywhere (unlike Singapore) and the cab drivers are all very polite and nice!!!

just sleep lin sen taiwan

Then finally reached our hotel, Just Sleep Hotel (Lin Sen)!!!!

Taiwan Just Sleep Lin Sen Hotel

Just sleep provides comprehensive luxury for the smart traveler like you and me!!
And the other time we went they only have 2 branches, but now they have 3 more already!!!!

The one we are staying over for the night is the one over at Lin Sen, where it's near Zhong Shan metro station! The thing about Just Sleep Hotel chain is that they are all conveniently located near MRT stations and with alot of shops (for food, shopping etc etc.) nearby them as well!! Very fang bian!!

typicalben taking pictures of Just Sleep Lin Sen Hotel Taiwan

Me taking pictures of the interior design once I stepped into it!

Just Sleep Lin Sen Hotel Taiwan level 1

Loving the chic yet simple design by them!

typicalben with Just Sleep Lin Sen Hotel Taiwan

Yay!!! Thank you Just Sleep Hotel for hosting us for the night!!!

typicalben at Just Sleep Lin Sen Hotel Taiwan fron desk

With Miki (manager of Just Sleep, Lin Sen) as she help us with the checking in procedure!

You know, once the lift opened and we reached the front desk right, she (together with another resident manager of the hotel) immediately say, they have been waiting for our arrival since morning hahaha! We feel so welcome and loved lor!! They have been super helpful and nice by giving us maps of the train metro and some other worth visiting areas! Plus also suggestions on where we should visit nearby the area!

Then we are checking into our room for the night!!!! Pictures of our room:

Just Sleep Lin Sen Hotel Taiwan

The desk area! I feel the overall design gives a very minimalist touch to it!

Just Sleep Lin Sen Hotel Taiwan bed

3 huge bed for the both of us!!! So shiok!!!!

Just Sleep Lin Sen Hotel Taiwan toilet

Over to the toilet now!!!!

Just Sleep Lin Sen Hotel Taiwan shower room

The shower cubicle!!

Just Sleep Lin Sen Hotel Taiwan room service

Magnets at the door where you can just stick it outside your room door to infrom them if you wanted to make up the room or etc etc.... What a cute idea isn't it!!

Just Sleep Lin Sen Hotel Taiwan power plug

They provide us with the socket plug adapter as Taiwan uses different socket from us!

Click here to check out Just Sleep Hotel!!!


We then went to take a shower and a short nap before heading out later in the day cause we were so tired, plus the bed looks and feel so comfy and is calling out for us to sleep on it.... So we did! Hahahaha!

mirror shot over at just sleep lin sen taiwan`

Woke up and wore back the same top (cause Ran say don't need to change) but changed into a pants!
And I don't know why my face looks like it's bloated here lololol! Love my hair though!

cute diao wallet for the trip

Random cute wallet from Daiso which I always use when overseas!
Cause it will makes me look more harmless and low profile hahahahahaha!!!

typicalben camwhore day 1 taipei

Here's me while walking to the train station!! :D

taiwan bus stop signage 2

Came across a bus stop which we thought we could take some pictures there!

randy at taiwan bus stop

Ran with his squinting eyes!

typicalben at taipei bus stop

And it's my turn!!! (p/s: ignore Ran's finger over at the bottom right)

typicalben at taiwan bus stop

Super love this picture!!

typicalben randy camwhore at taiwan bus stop

Camwhoring together! Me and Ran! :D

randy typicalben bus stop taipei

More more moreeee!!!!!!

taiwan bus stop signage

graffiti walls taipei

Saw some graffiti on the walls while walking too!!

randy with graffiti walls taipei

A picture maybe? Ran with the graffiti!

typicalben with graffiti walls taipei

And meeeeeeeeeeee!!!

typicalben with graffiti on walls taiwan

One more shot!!

typicalben taipei park

Took a picture with a random tree there as well which I think turns out good leh!
I asked Ran to take with it then he tell me it's ugly, so he don't want to take! WHAT. (¬_¬)

typicalben hair messed up by wind

It's really cooling and windy over there at that time! My hair is totally messed up by the wind!

sogo shopping mall taipei

Went to SOGO shopping mall over at Zhongxiao Fuxing Station to get our bags to use for the trip! And it's super crowded there cause they are having sales, so it's packed with loads of people!!

bought porter bags

Yay gotten it!!!!

cute deco over at Taipei Metro

Then we went over to Taipei Main Station! Look at the cute cartoony deco over at their train station!

ran with cute deco at taipei metro

Ran with it! Lol I know we keep taking touristy pictures hahaha!!!

colourful cute deco over at Taipei Metro

typicalben with cute deco at taipei metro

Meeeee!!! And just nice I stand at the 'Ni Hao' sign lor!! I never notice beforehand!!!

typicalben randy with cute deco at taipei metro

Both of us! :)

outside taipei main station

Outside Taipei Main Station! We are going to have our dinner!

queuing for guan dong zhu at taipei

Saw alot of people queuing for this stall (Guan Dong Zhu), and so we went to try as well!

Guan Dong Zhu

It's something like our Singapore 'yong tau foo' leh!!

ran eating Guan Dong Zhu

We shared a bowl cause we wanted to eat other stuff as well!

fruits at taipei

Bought some fruits along the way too! Love their fruits, all so fresh one lor!

queuing for 蔬菜大蛋饼

Then while walking around, we saw alot of people queuing for this "Egg wrapped with vegetables" thingy, so we decided to give it a try as well! Typical Singaporeans hor us hahahaha!! Don't judge! (¬_¬)

them making 蔬菜大蛋饼

While they are making it! Really alot of vegetables omg!!

蔬菜大蛋饼 egg wrapped with vegetables

Looks delicious right!! Their 'egg wrapped with vegetables' (蔬菜大蛋饼)!!!

typicalben sitting by the road side eating 蔬菜大蛋饼

Random camwhore of myself while Ran is eating it!

hot ginger bubble tea

Bought hot ginger tea cause I haven't been drinking much cold drinks nowadays!
Plus the weather there is so cold lor, a hot drink is a better choice to keep ourselves warm and fuzzy!

near taipei main station

Before heading into 'Xin Guang San Yue' (新光三越) shopping mall!

lighted up buildings at taipei main station

Pretty shot or what!!! Thank you thank you lolol!!

typicalben at taipei main station

Pretty much a candid shot (or can considered half candid) of me drinking the ginger tea!

Taipei Underground Shopping Centre

Went to walk around the underground shopping at Taipei Main Station which I didn't managed to buy anything from there! Ting say she bought alot of things there leh! I think ladies can get cheap shoes here!

Q Square taiwan

We just anyhow and randomly walk until this shopping mall (Q Square) at Taipei Main Station as well!

typicalben randy at taipei Q Square

Over at the shopping mall while we take a break from shopping!

taiwan family mart

We then head back to the hotel already, but before that to their family mart to buy some snacks!

taiwan instant noodles chips yakult drink

Bought instant noodles, chips and big bottle of yakult for supper back in hotel!

cute ez link sticker taiwan

Some cute ez-link stickers that we bought at Q Square shopping mall for few of our friends!

typicalben camwhore over at Just Sleep Lin Sen Hotel Taiwan toilet

Lol me camwhoring with their toilet mirror before showering!!

typicalben camwhore at Just Sleep Lin Sen Hotel Taiwan toilet

And that somehow sum up the first day over at Taiwan with Ran! I actually really miss the days me and Ran spent over at Taiwan cause we really had so much fun (and arguments)! Well, for the second day we will be moving to another Just Sleep Hotel located at Xi Men Ding! Will update Day 2 soon! ;D


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  1. sorry, may i ask you what camera you're using right now? because it's so clear!!

  2. =.='' With the help of photoshop too!...

    1. Anonymous1:51 am

      What's with this face? Problem? We readers like how Ben edits his pictures!!:DDDD

    2. Chill la, I was explaining that camera + great photoshop editing gives such nice pictures =D

  3. Anonymous11:35 am

    Yummmyyyyyyy entries are back!!! YAY!

  4. Go watch this: Did anyone tell you that Ran looks like 林志穎? The video the left hand side,the guy!

  5. Juilli5:15 pm

    Thanks for recommending just sleep hotel, will stay there the next time i vist taiwan.

  6. Anonymous11:32 pm

    Nice hotel!

  7. Anonymous3:26 pm
    I must say this is a great photoshop. You know what I mean.

  8. Anonymous2:25 am

    Why did you delete the post-ranty-ranty-genting? Is it because of you are promoting for RWG now so you deleted that 2010 old post? I find it contradicting when you say that this typical blog of yourself is for you to record down all of your memories and thoughts but now, you are deleting history? It is not like you used to hate Genting but now can't love what!

  9. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Hello~~~ can pls update the rest of the trip? I'll be going Taiwan in March, need some ideas where u went and what u guys eat during the trip..

  10. Anonymous5:50 am

    Love your trip, pls blog about day 2?<

  11. Anonymous8:52 pm

    Hi Ben. Did you have to produce your passport before you are allowed to buy your pre-paid sim card?

  12. Anonymous5:43 pm

    Omg you're fucking gay....-.-

  13. How much is the cost for a night in just sleep hotel?

  14. How much or a nite in just sleep hotel?

    1. You can check out their rates here:

  15. Anonymous1:31 pm

    Hi, can I check what time does the counter selling prepaid data sim card at airport open? Thanks.

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  17. Hi Ben, when you mentioned about the hotels are hosting you (both of you) meaning they sponsor you as advertorial for this trip?

    1. Nope, this is not an advertorial. For all my advertorial, it will always be mentioned. :) They are just sponsoring the hotel rooms for some of our nights there.