MDIS School of Fashion and Design - Open House!

February 27, 2013

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typicalben at MDIS

Hello everyone!! It's me at MDIS the other day!! :D

You know, when I first got to know that I was going for a cash course at MDIS School of Fashion and Design, I was really excited about it!! I remember last time, I was pretty interested in studying a fashion related course! Something more on the fashion branding or marketing side, cause I think it would be really fun and at the same time, I feel that it's something that I'll enjoy doing in the future as well!

But the thing is, at that point of time, I was clueless and know nothing about what the course was going to be like and whether would really be what I expected it to be! So eventually, I dropped the idea.

I think many of us (as student) will surely come across this problem, where we are interested in studying and pursuing a particular course but yet we do not know whether it's suitable for us. And we would wanna know more about it before committing and even better if we can experience it and see if it's suitable!

I think it's really important, because most people tend regret their choices afterwards which is mainly because they didn't bother to get to know more information (when they are choosing what they wanna study) or maybe for some, they do not know where to get more information from!

So I'm really happy this time round as I get to experience on how is it like to be a fashion student at MDIS, as they are going to give me a crash course on it! Yay!!! Which is what you guys can also get to experience at their up coming open house!! I'll fill you guys more on the open house later yeah!

For now, let me show you what I did as a 'one-day fashion student' at MDIS!



MDIS School of Fashion and Design

I was first bought to their fashion design studio which is where all their fashion student do their work, and I feel that it's pretty well-equipped with all the essential stuff for the student to work with!

MDIS School of Fashion and Design works

Some of the works by their students there!

And I learned that all their equipment are of industrial standards, which means it's what the real fashion industry outside are using! Which I feel this is really good cause whatever students are learning now, they can straight away apply it when they graduate and out for work as they are already prepared for it!

MDIS School of Fashion and Design lecturer with typicalben peishi

With Martin John Bonney, the lecturer who was with us that day!
He's explaining and telling us what the course is about and what we are going to do today!

MDIS School of Fashion and Design lecturer sketches

But before that, he also showed us some of the quick sketches that he did! So nice omg!

MDIS School of Fashion and Design drawing materials

Then he provided us with some paper and stationery to start us off with doing some sketches!

typicalben speishi MDIS School of Fashion and Design

Students for the day: Me and Peishi!

We were told that we will be designing and making a head gear for that day, but still he wanted us to develop our ideas by sketching our whole outfit that goes together with our headgear! So it's more of a complete process by allowing our ideas to flow through! Sounds so exciting right? Hahaha!

typicalben sketching

Here's me looking serious while sketching out my outfit design!

typicalben fashion design drawing

And..... Tadahh!!!! This is what I drew for my outfit design! Nice or not lol?!

typicalben fashion design drawings

Adding on the heels to my outfit design!

typicalben fashion design sketches

Then finally the headgear!!!! Hahahaha!!!

I don't know why I drew that though, but it just came into my mind and as a fashion designer (well, at least for the day), I feel that no design is bad design because design is pretty subjective and abstract so I'm sure someone will appreciate my work (maybe Lady Gaga would right lol then I can earn alot of $$$$)!

Hahaha!!! And I was telling them for the inner curved part of the hat, where it's facing the person wearing it, there could be a mirror attached there so the wearer can constantly check on how they look and it would be a great help if they want to touch-up their makeup lolol! Not a bad idea righttttttt!

I think that this hat that I designed, can be used many of ways!

Just like if you are studying for exams, you can put your notes there so you can read it while wearing it! Or you can put your iPad mini or any other tablet in there to watch a video on the go hahahahahaha!!! Omg thank you, I must quickly patent my design soon! Don't steal my idea!!!!

typicalben with sketches

Me with my final design!!! And we are now going to do the prototype of my headgear!!

head prototype

Working with this bodiless mannequin for the day!

MDIS School of Fashion and Design lecturer

Mr Martin teaching us how we can make the prototype of our headgear from just newspaper!

And after interacting with him for awhile, I feel that he's really nice and patient when he's teaching first time students like us! And we can see that he's really experienced too! What I like most is that he allows you to create, do your own design and doesn't restrict what you want to do.

My design was pretty tedious to make a prototype from newspapers but he didn't stop me from designing what I want! Instead, he taught me little tricks that I can do to the newspapers to create the prototype of my design!

typicalben doing prototype at MDIS SCHOOL OF FASHION & DESIGN

Me rolling the newspaper up into small tubes as taught by Mr Martin,
so that it's stronger and can hold the shape of what I designed for my headgear design!

After a while, I kind of regretted designing something so complex cause it's so hard to make!! And I think without Mr Martin, I doubt I can complete my headgear with just using newspapers!

prototype half way done

Not even halfway done yet hahahaha!!! :x

typicalben camwhore while doing prototype

Another picture of me while I was my prototype! :D




And after some time, with the help of Mr Martin, the prototype is done!!!!

typicalben prototype completed

Tadahhhhhhhh!!!! Nice or what!!!! So proud of myself!!! :')

typicalben doing up his prototype

The whole prototype is purely made with newspaper and tapes!

typicalben prototype comparison

Nah!! Show you the comparison of my prototype with my design on sketch design!
Pretty similar right???!! Woooohoooo~~!

typicalben with his prototype

And now we are done with the prototype, it's time to spray paint it!!!!

typicalben spraying paint MDIS School of Fashion and Design

We are spraying it into silver colour!!!

typicalben spraying paint on prototype MDIS School of Fashion and Design

Almost there!!!!

typicalben spraying paint on his prototype MDIS School of Fashion and Design

Final touch and we are done!!! Yay!!!!

typicalben peishi with lecturer MDIS School of Fashion and Design

A group picture with Mr Martin John Bonney and our final prototype designs!!!

Time passes so quickly and I must say we had so much fun and laughter throughout the whole process!

Peishi and I kept laughing at each other design, wait no. I never really laughed at hers, she's the one who keep laughing at my design! Hahaha! But neverthless, we also get to learn and experience some tricks and stuff that we usually don't get to do, and the knowledge about fashion that we learnt from Mr Martin in this short session is extremely enriching! It was really fun, never regretted coming!!

MDIS School

And as I was leaving the campus, saw this quote which I think applies to designer as well!

Aright, I know that's being really random and a little side track but I thought I just wanna share hahaha!! Okayokay, back to what I was saying.... you can also be like us and get to experience how it is like being a one-day fashion student at their MDIS Open House!!!!

So if you're interested in fashion, you might want to head down to check them out! MDIS School of Fashion and Design offers various courses for fashion, like: "Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Fashion Design", "Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Fashion Marketing and Branding" and as well as, "Diploma in Fashion Design and Marketing"!

MDIS Open House

Date: 2nd March 2013 - Time: 10.00am to 5.30pm
Venue: MDIS Campus, Stirling Road (near Queenstown MRT)
Website: |

That's all from me for now, and hope to see you guys there! ;)


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    Peishi is so pretty!!

    And you look so perfect! With nice teeth and flawless complexion and awesome hair!

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  3. Glenn2:18 pm

    Absolutely mind blowing. The institute is really rocking. All the best!

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