Taipei - Taiwan Trip Day 3

February 01, 2013

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So for the third day right, we checked out from Just Sleep Hotel (Xi Men Ding) after a good sleep, and we went to the 3rd hotel for the stay, which is Regent Taipei!!!! Yay!! And I was pretty excited cause they told me that Lady Gaga and many other huge intentional superstar (I think got Michael Jackson also, but I can't remember the rest) will choose to stay at Regent Taipei whenever they come to Taiwan!!! So I was really excited as they hosted alot of huge celebrities before and I'm sure the stay there will be awesome!!!

regent taipei hotel room keys

Upon checking in, we gotten the keys to our room!!

regent taipei hotel keys

I've the golden key in my hands! Muhahahahaha!
They are using a physical key for the room, unlike the usual key card!

regent taipei hotel room

Let me tour you guys around the room with pictures maybe? ;)

regent taipei hotel room 2

The room was pretty big and they have this comfy couch area where Ran will use his laptop there and we will just sit there to have our supper or even just laze around using our phones!

regent taipei hotel room view

There's also this huge window view from our room as well! Super love!!

regent taipei hotel window view

It feels so nice to look out of it every morning when we wake up! Or even at night too!

regent taipei hotel window pretty view

Another view of it!

regent taipei hotel park

And when you look down..... So pretty right!

regent taipei hotel beds

Our huge beds!!! I'm sleeping on the left while Ran is on the right!

regent taipei hotel room desk

The desk area where I'll use my laptop!

typicalben regent taipei hotel

Now to the toilet!!!

regent taipei hotel toilet mirrors with light bulbs

Love the light bulbs on the mirror! It makes camwhoring there so pretty cause of the lighting lol!
But I think the real reason for these light bulbs is to replicate natural light for makeup or something right?

regent taipei hotel bathtub

Bathtub!! Which I only managed to use it once! :(

regent taipei hotel shower room

Showering cubical on it's own!

regent taipei hotel toilet

And also a electronic bidet toilet seat on separated on it's own as well!

Ran super love this because of the heated seat and the bubble wash! And because of that I think he uses the toilet for so many times throughout the stay over at Regent Taipei! Got so kuazhang anot lolol!!

regent taipei hotel sweet treats

They also welcome us by serving us some sweet treats!!!

regent taipei hotel room table with fruits

They even have the cutlery provided for us!!!

regent taipei pineapple tarts

Pineapple tarts!!!!

regent taipei hotel welcome card

Thank you for everything Regent Taipei! We felt so welcome!!! Thank you!!! :D

Say real one, I really love this hotel and I would choose to stay here again next time if I go to Taiwan! As the hotel is situated at Zhong Shan district right, there's alot of shop houses around where you can shopping plus eat good food! And it's also really near to their metro or bus services! Omg what more can I ask for!!

Click here if you want to know more about Regent Taipei Hotel!


typicalben randyys regent taipei hotel

We then start to prepare and getting ready to head over to Shilin Night Market!

Shilin Night Market

You can take the metro to Jian Tan train station and once you come out from it, you will see Shilin Night Market already! Look at the crowd on weekends, so many people omg!

Shilin Night Market shops

typicalben eating zhu xue gao (Pig Blood Cake)

Finally a proper picture of me!!!!

What I'm holding on is their 'Zhu Xue Gao' (Pig Blood Cake?), bought a stick to try cause we never had it before! And luckily we only bought one stick cause we didn't like the taste at all! Why so many Taiwanese like it ah??? The taste is so weird! We just had afew bites and then we throw it away lolololol!

typicalben with zhu xue gao (Pig Blood Cake)

Another picture of me posing with the 'Zhu Xue Gao'!

Shilin Night Market socks

Sockssss! Bought quite alot of socks there cause it's so cheap wtf. And the quality is also very good!

typicalben and randyys at Shilin Night Market

Me and Ran after choosing and buying our socks!

Shilin Night Market roads

Random shot of the road over at Shilin Night Market!

And I really have to thank all of you guys who tweeted me to tell me about all the yummy food that you think that we should try, and even show me pictures of the stall and stuff like that! It's really helpful to us lor cause we didn't do much research beforehand hahaha! So throughout all my Taiwan blog posts (upcoming ones), you might see what you recommended appearing cause we really did go and try them out!

Talking about that, the one below is what you guys recommended to me to try!!!

Deep-fried cheese potato (起司馬鈴薯) taiwan shop

Deep-fried cheese potato (起司馬鈴薯)!!!

Deep-fried cheese potato (起司馬鈴薯) taiwan

We ordered the most popular one, which is the 'Integrated Cheese'!!
And it's really really yummy!!!! Plus it's so cheap somemore, less than SGD $3 only!!!!!

typicalben eating Deep-fried cheese potato (起司馬鈴薯)

Me eating the deep-fried cheese potato!! :D

bacon Shilin Night Market

We also tried this bacon wrapped with veg thingy too!!

Shilin Night Market rubbish collection area

Right in the middle of the road, where the rubbish is collected!

fruits at Shilin Night Market

I then went to buy some fruits cause fruits over at Taiwan are super fresh and juicy!

taiwan fruits

Bought honeydew and starfruit! Yums!

in the playground taiwan

Ran went to buy Havaianas for the family cause it's cheaper there as well!

Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang 大腸包小腸 taiwan

'Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang' (Doubled layer roll sausage)!
Not really nice I feel cause it's wrapped with sticky rice! I don't like!

Raohe Hu Jiao Bing 饶河街胡椒饼 at shilin night market

There is Raohe Hu Jiao Bing there, so we bought one to try!
We did went to Raohe Night Market during other days of the trip and the queue there is madness!

Raohe Hu Jiao Bing 饶河街胡椒饼 taiwan

Raohe Hu Jiao Bing (Pepper Biscuit)!

Shilin Night Market sheltered area

Another area of Shilin Night Market! It's a sheltered area, which are more touristy!

shooting games Shilin Night Market

They have alot of games like these and surprisingly alot of people are playing them!

shooting money games Shilin Night Market

This game is where they will use the "gun" to shoot the toilet paper until it's torn apart so that the money will drop off and then they will get the money (as the prize)! Hmmmm......

typicalben trying out massage Shilin Night Market

Came across this massage thingy and decided to give it a try cause my shoulder was aching badly!

Seriously, my whole left arm was in pain throughout the whole trip and I couldn't really lift up my left arm straight at all! :( And it was quite serious until that I couldn't even take off my top by myself and needed Ran's help all the time! It's quite sian that this happened during overseas, it sure does spoil my mood alittle!

typicalben trying massage Shilin Night Market

Ran snap this picture of me and I think it's really funny cause I look like
I'm in pain from the massage, but actually not!

randy queuing for Hao Da Chicken Cutlet 豪大大鸡排 Taiwan

Guess what Ran is queuing for???!!

Hao Da Chicken Cutlet 豪大大鸡排 Taiwan

Yeah, the 'Hao Da Chicken Cutlet' which has a long queue but it's relatively fast!

Hao Da Chicken Cutlet 豪大大鸡排

The huge chicken cutlet! I think they a franchise over at ION Orchard, saw it the other day!

typicalben randy eating Hao Da Chicken Cutlet 豪大大鸡排 Taiwan

Me and Ran with the chicken cutlet!

typicalben and randyys eating Hao Da Chicken Cutlet 豪大大鸡排 Taiwan

Another one! Love the lighting there!

typicalben eating Hao Da Chicken Cutlet 豪大大鸡排 Taiwan

And me with the huge chicken cutlet!

ming tai zi Shilin Night Market stall

We then went around to continue to try all the food there!

明太子 ming tai zi Shilin Night Market

Ming Tai Zi (明太子)! Which I think is super nice!

We also did some shopping there as well! Though I think people go there more for the food, and there isn't much to shop there too, but I managed to buy 2 top yay..... which I now realise I didn't take any pictures of it!!! I don't know why, cause I remembered I actually took pictures of all the buys everyday leh!

But it's okay, you cannot expect me to go and take now right hahahaha! Moving on!!!

shaved iced grass jelly dessert taiwan

Went to have dessert after walking around the whole night!

shaved iced grass jelly dessert

The shaved iced is grass jelly one!

Shilin Night Market bbq food

And before we head back to our hotel, we went to buy some food back for supper!

Shilin Night Market bbq food stall

Wah like very famous hahaha!!

typicalben at Shilin Night Market bbq stall

While waiting! Snap snap!

bbq food at shilin night market

Bbq chicken skin and some veg for supper!

And that's all for Day 3!! :D

p/s: Oh and I remembered that we spent 45 mins over at the shop where I bought my 2 tops talking to the shop owner cause she said she got cheated money by the taxi uncle and also a handphone shop over at Chinatown when she came to Singapore for honeymoon weeks back (at that point of time)! So poor thing lor, and I thought no taxis in Singapore actually tout the fare one? It's illegal what! *shakes head*


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  1. Wah, so many good eats! I'm started to yummy!

  2. Yummy! I'm also planning to go to Taiwan one day

  3. Anonymous12:28 am

    hey ben! may i know what camera did you use to take the photos for your taiwan trip?

    Thanks! :D Enjoyed all of your posts! ^^ rock on~~

  4. Anonymous1:20 am

    Wow the sweet treats provided by Regent is sucha nice touch! :)