Still going red at Tiong Bahru

March 27, 2013

typicalben self shot red hair Tiong Bahru Estate

Hello everyone!!! :D

This entry will still be filled with pictures of me in red hair colour, but this should be kinda the last entry that you will see my hair in red cause for the next entry, I'll blog about how I darken my hair myself by using henna dye!! And I think my red hair looks really good in all the pictures in this entry and it's pretty awesome that I managed to capture it down, because after washing it for a period of time right, my red hair faded to some ugly shades of red/pink which I think is not as nice anymore! Hahahaha!

Anyway, went over to Tiong Bahru area with Esther and Isaac for early dinner and to catch up!

typicalben esther isaac Tiong Bahru Estate

With Esther and Isaac!

Tiong Bahru Estate

I keep getting lost in the estate!

typicalben selca Tiong Bahru Estate

Selca selca selca!!

typicalben selca 2 Tiong Bahru Estate

Another one with a different effect on the colour edit!

typicalben ootd Tiong Bahru Estate

OOTD! Love my sailor baseball jacket that I got from Taiwan!

sailor baseball jacket typicalben

Close up of my sailor baseball jacket! Nice right!

PoTeaTo Fries

Went PoTeaTo for dinner! Ordered fries as side dish and same mains to share!

PoTeaTo Tea

Had 'Thousand Night Tea' which was supposed to help you (in other words, me) to have a good sleep!

typicalben drinking tea

Love drinking tea nowadays (is that the reason why my teeth is getting yellow due to staining T_T), and I'm so happy cause both of them bought me a teapot set for my birthday! Will take pictures soon!

PoTeaTo sausages

Bangers and Mash!

PoTeaTo Fish & Chips

Fish and chips!

PoTeaTo Chicken

Roasted chicken!

typicalben esther isaac PoTeaTo

After we finished eating all our food!

typicalben esther isaac

Love this picture!

typicalben at PoTeaTo

One last picture of myself being engrossed with my phone as I'm posting pictures on Instagram!


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  1. Anonymous10:34 pm

    You edited Esther till very fake, very fake, especially the eyes.

  2. Anonymous2:30 pm

    I don't think so.

  3. Anonymous3:31 pm

    Henna hair dye by lush cosmetic?

  4. Anonymous10:16 am

    lol why would he edit Esther?!