His 24th Birthday Dinner!

April 02, 2013

For my birthday this year, I again spend it with all the people I love!!! Of course there are many more other belated birthday dinner with my other friends that I didn't put up in this entry, because all these birthday dinner that are up here on this post are either celebrated on or close to my birthday itself!

First of all, before I continue with the entry, I would like to thank everyone of you guys who wished me on all my social media accounts!!!! Thank you so much, I'm very grateful and happy to receive all your wishes!!! Especially those long emails that you people wrote to me!! So touching please!!! Thankyou :')

Open Door Policy

Went to Open Door Policy for birthday dinner with Fingers!!

typicalben at Open Door Policy

See what are they doing at the back omg! Hahaha!

Open Door Policy 2

Fingers at Open Door Policy

Group picture of us!! ♥

48 hour braised beef cheek with mochi potatoes, carrot puree & pea tendrils

Food time!!! 48 hour braised beef cheek, that Ting, Zj and Kx had!!!

pan-seared barramundi with artichokes barigoule

Angie had this pan-seared barramundi!!

smoked pork belly with garlic spinach and pickled vegetables

Mine!!! Smoked pork belly!!!

I think their food is just so-so only, not very good eh! They told us their brunch is better and asked us to come try next time hahaha! But I think their desserts are not bad, like better than their mains!!

chocolate and pistachio soufflé with crème anglaise

Chocolate and pistachio soufflé with crème anglaise!!

Omg I think I'm in love with soufflé lately!! Anyone who knows of places with good soufflé please let me know okay, I wanna go try hahaha!! I actually didn't like soufflé until I watched MasterChef, they have this episode where they have to compete and see who do a better soufflé, and after that episode I keep wanna eat soufflé and also realise that it's not that easy to make a good soufflé at all!!

apple crumble with vanilla custard

Apple crumble with vanilla custard!

fingers mirror shot Open Door Policy

Before leaving for drinks!!!

typicalben zj

With Zj!!!

drinks hehe

fingers group photo

Another group picture of us to end the night!

typicalben weiliang weibin

Met up with my BMT buddies, Weiliang and Weibin for Korean BBQ dinner since our birthday are all just 1 day apart! It's been so long since I saw Weibin, he's like my best buddy ever!!! Miss those BMT days!!

typicalben eddee

Went to Irodori Japanese restaurant to have buffet!!

irodori japanese resturant

My first time here!

sashimi irodori japanese resturant

Didn't snap much pictures of the food, but here are some! Sashimi!!!

irodori japanese resturant food

typicalben in school

OOTD!! The shirt I'm wearing is from.... Taiwan (WuFenPu) again lolol!!

lecture hall

typicalben and dad

With daddy!!


Went to Delifrance for our dinner! This is our second birthday dinner already, the first one we went to eat super nice 'zhi char' which I didn't take any pictures lol so this is a simple one!!

lobster soup

Lobster bisque!

delifrance seafood

Seafood croissant!

typicalben family

Family picture! ♥


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  1. ben looks like your mum and ran looks like your dad! so similar *O*

  2. Your daddy and ran look so alikeeeeeeeeeeee