Exams is finally over, I'm now back!!!!!!

May 13, 2013

Hello!!!!! Just an announcement to inform everyone that I'm back to blogging and updating you guys with all my rants and flood you all with all my pictures!! Hahaha! Very happy cause exams is finally over!! :D

I must say I didn't study as hard as the previous semester but I did still study, so hopefully I'll manage to pass every modules and proceed to my last semester of my whole collage life omg!! Everything seems to happen so fast till I can't believe it!! I'll update really really often now because I got alot of things to update and exciting projects coming up, so keep checking back!!! I'm gonna to end this post to do my Karbi/Phuket post because the deadline is already over for few days, plus I'll edit some other pictures to blog first!!

Okay before I leave, I shall post some pictures that I posted on Instagram (for the benefit of those who are not following me *roll eyes*) like........ #whatpubertydidtome and the one for Mother's Day!

what puberty did to me (typicalben)


typicalben mother's day

"Happy Mother's Day to my dearest mummy! The only one who will shower me with unconditional love, thank you for bringing me up! I love you so much (even though I always bicker with you hahaha)! ❤"

Okay I go edit pictures already and FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM (user: typicalben) IF YOU HAVEN'T OKAY!!!! Because.... *clears throat* I just posted my naked picture there hahahahahahaha!!!!!

And to be honest, I really love all my Instagram followers! Because most of them always like all my pictures! I'm going to thank them by blogging about them soon!! Omg I just cannot stop typing! Bye!!!


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  1. Didn't remember you were so ugly back then. Wahahahaha!

  2. Omg, your mom looks young - I seriously thought she was your friend at first! 0.0