So call me maybe?

May 23, 2013

Show you guys my new iPhone sticker before I change it, which I think I'm going to change it soon! Hahaha! It seems like I just cannot stop "dressing" up my phone with stickers or covers! But what to do..... :x

Anyway gotten this iPhone sticker at only just $10! Super cheap and it's really cute!!!!

duck iphone sticker


cute duck iphone sticker


Actually I wanted to get it quite some time ago but I didn't know why I never buy it, but recently I saw that it's just $10 (which works as screen protector as well) so I just buy it lah and ask the person to paste for me! So cute now wtf. Somemore you see the ring buoy that the duck was in has a letter 'B' somemore! Sure must buy lah! Hahaha! Anyway, I also went to randomly get a new iPad cover and change it's screen protector as well because the previous is so dirty (mummy and dad use it all day long)!

read and yellow ipad cover

The iPad cover!

read and yellow ipad cover inside

Inside! Which is nothing special and I don't know why I took this picture also lol!

Yay I'm going for The Singapore Social Concert tomorrow over at Gardens by the Bay! :D

Can you believe I haven't been to Gardens by the Bay before yet hahaha! Anyway thanks to Starcount and Nuffnang for the tickets! There are 2 concerts for it, one is tomorrow and another on the 25th! And for tomorrow there will be Carly Rae Jepson, Ceelo Green, Psy and Blush performing! *sings Call Me Maybe*

Hahaha! Aerosmith will be performing on the 25th though! Anyway, here's the official website if you guys want to know more information! Will take some pictures tomorrow and blog about it too!

Many of you must have know that I went to refreshed my hair colour again last month before I went for my Krabi/Phuket trip! :D And it's really sad to say that all the pictures that I took when I was doing my hair the other time was ALL GONE because I lost my memory card again! Super sad okay! :(

But luckily I did took one picture after my hair dye after I got home! Hahahaha!

typicalben blue hair

Finally back to blue again after it faded for quite sometime! Hair done by my stylist, Jerry!

typicalben blue hair colour

Another one which I took over at Krabi! Love my hair colour alot!
So gonna go back to have my hair done again next week! Can't wait! :D

Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @ 313
313 Orchard Road, #03-26,
Tel: +65 6238 0226

p/s: If you guys are doing hair there, you can always quote my name for discount too! Have fun! ;)


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  1. May I know where u bought that iPad cover and which camera u are using? Thanks!