Goodbye Blue

July 05, 2013

Goodbye, goodbye my awesome ash blue hair! Hahaha! *waves*

I mean everyone by now should have known that I already changed my hair colour to a darker colour and I kinda still pretty much miss my previous colour! :( But it's always good to have a change you know, I mean to give people a brand new fresh look, alternating the shades of your hair colour (light, dark, light, dark) will be a good way to do so lol! So now I'm in the phase of having dark hair colour which I also love!

There will be quite afew nice pictures (hahahaha!) of me in my new hair colour at the later part of the entry, but now let me show you my previous ash blue hair first! :D

ash blue hair

Here you go!

typicalben ash blue hair

Another one! Don't you loveeee the colour hahaha!

But it's time for a hair cut and I wanted to change the colour as well because I've been having the blue hair for quite some time already, so I went over to Shunji to find my stylist, Jerry to have my hair done!

typicalben jerry

With my stylist Jerry as he's helping me to cut my hair short short short!

strip off ash colour

He then help me to strip off the ash tone that I have on my hair because I told him I didn't want my new hair colour to fade into ash colour anymore! Actually this colour also quite nice hor!

hair dye colour chart

Which colour to choose? Hmmmm.....

typicalben doing hair treatment

Doing hair and scalp treatment as usual for the last step!


typicalben selfie

And here's the end result!!!!! :D

typicalben natural shot

I think I look quite good in this colour right! Although now it somehow faded to become brown but I still love it! Anyway, if you guys are doing hair there, you can always quote my name for discount too! ;)

Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @ 313
313 Orchard Road, #03-26,
Tel: +65 6238 0226


taiwei typicalben

Taiwei came to find me after his work! It's been so long since we catch up!

typicalben taiwei

Another picture with him!

typicalben lv sling bag

And here's a picture of me with his LV sling bag lololol! I told him I won't get this kind of sling bag because I don't really like the shape! Plus I also don't really like their damier design eh! Monogram > Damier!

typicalben dark hair selca

And hello! It's me again! :D

typicalben wink

Having green tea ice shaken lemon tea!

typicalben selca with dark hair at starbucks

Sorry for the spam of my selfie but I really love this picture!! Do you? Hahaha!

typicalben dark hair

Alright the last one and I'm also ending off this entry here! Bye!


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