Me in my cute pullover!

July 12, 2013

Just wanna do a quick update of what happened lately! So earlier this week on Monday, was my first day of school! Got up early but I still don't know why and how I went to school late still -_- Ridiculous. And so by the time I got into the lecture hall, it was already so full that I couldn't find any seats at all.

My uni mates who arrived just alittle bit earlier than me, told that me they had no choice but to sit at the first row and they reserved a seat for me but I was too paiseh to walk down with everyone staring at me (all the way from the back to front leh), so I told them I shall go for my lunch first since I'm hungry hahaha! Recently I changed my eating habit and I never skip any meals already, no matter how busy I am!

It's so awesome because I can feel that my appetite became so much better and I also eat more which is a good thing! Last time I keep don't have any appetite one, not good for body you know!


So I went Souperlicious for my early lunch! Had chicky wrap and caesar salad!

After that during break time, my friends came down to find me but told me the local lecturer actually sit on the seat that they reserved for me so they are not sure whether are there any more seats in the hall already, then I was like "Omg totally waste my time to come school today". But on the other hand, before going to school I was also thinking about to leave class earlier to go see doctor since the ringing in the ear still persist. So end up, I didn't go for lesson and went to see the doctor after having my lunch!

And today is the day I completed the second set of medication that the doctor gave me, somehow it got alittle better but on and off, the ringing sound will come back and go away suddenly one wtf. I'm having positive thoughts that it will be gone and recover by tomorrow! Law of attraction, please show your power!

Then after seeing the doctor, I went to meet my new hair sponsor and then meet Isaac first before Esther join us for dinner! I love meeting Isaac because it means that I can take loads of pretty pictures! Hahaha! I just told him he's my Instagram buddy for now lololol (I also got help him take one okay)!

typicalben pretty background

Found a pretty place to take pictures! Nice right!

typicalben candid wiping sweat

A shot of me wiping my sweat! I was perspiring like crazy throughout the photo taking process and the video taking process which I posted on my Instagram (you can view it here)!

typicalben cute pullover front

A proper shot of me! Love this picture!

typicalben back view

I super love this pullover I got from Taiwan! It's super cute right!

cute pullover back

The design at the back of the pullover!

typicalben candid 2

Candid shot which you can see from my expression that I'm not yet fully prepared hahaha!

typicalben candid 1

This one also I haven't really prepare yet, but end up also quite nice so I decided to post them!

typicalben cute shot

Last picture over there and we went off for our dinner!

typicalben selfie at nanxiang steam bun restaurant

Went to Nanxiang Steam Bun Restaurant for our dinner!

typicalben using phone calling randy

I look so creepy here right wtf. I was calling Ran btw hahahahaha!

typicalben at nanxiang steam bun restaurant

Me using my phone while waiting for Esther.... Was really tired that day!

nanxiang steam bun restaurant food

Food is here! We ordered the Peking Duck 4 Pax Set Meal ($120++)!

nanxiang steam bun restaurant food 2

Food pictures which are gonna make you drooooooooool! :p

nanxiang steam bun restaurant food 3

But the food is pretty alright only, not say very yummy or what. Average lor.

isaac esther typicalben nanxiang steam bun restaurant

Group picture after we had our desserts! :D

typicalben isaac bugis

Then we went to walk around and head home afterwards! That's all! Hahaha!

Okay, I'm going to shower then go sleep already! Need to wake up early to attend Kx's convocation tomorrow! But I'm feeling very full now because I just ate some leftover rice from dinner cause I was hungry! And the ringing sound in my ear is super annoying, sigh. Nobody understand de lah. Bye! :)


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  1. Anonymous8:58 pm

    I understand your problem Ben, and please don't get depressed and just keep having positive thoughts okay!
    I went TCM for the same problem (called 耳鸣) and it helped. Western meds only helped short term.

  2. Anonymous8:15 pm

    Ben, can you post a video on your hair styling tutorial please! I really like your hairstyle.

  3. Anonymous2:18 pm

    omg you are so adorable ><