Happy birthday Ran + Lindy's ROM + Teenage Magazine

September 23, 2013

Hello everyone!!!!!! I tell you all ah, I'm feeling super tired because I only managed to sleep for an hour before my alarm clock rang and I've to get up to prepare to meet my uni mates for project meeting! T_T It's really abit too much because I tried to sleep at around 4am and I couldn't fall asleep BECAUSE I took a short nap during late afternoon till 9pm last night. So that's why I couldn't fall asleep lah!

You know, this love hate relationship with taking nap.... like it's so awesome to be able to take nap in the day sometimes to recharge yourself (anyway I kinda was too tired out by doing my projects! seriously!) but it will somehow screw up our body clock and make us so awake at during night time!

I'm not sure whether it happens to you guys, but yeah... I cannot take nap one cause I confirm cannot fall asleep at night. Anyway, I'm out now doing projects with my group mates and I'm taking a short break thus you have me here blogging this entry! I did managed to complete quite abit of my work okay! Not bad quite efficient! Somehow I'm super inefficient when I try to do work at home! :/


Yellow hearts because he likes yellow colour hahaha! Yesterday, I went to dress up and recorded a video and I wanted to post up on our BenRanAway Channel BUT. I didn't manage to edit it because I didn't have the time to do so, due to the massive school assignment and projects I have on hand! :(

Very wasted right I know, but nevermind lah! I think can put in bloopers next time! Hahahaha!

So anyway, no video up on YouTube nevermind, at least got instavideo up on my Instagram! Hahaha! It pretty sweet okay! You guys can watch it below!!!! Hahaha yes, I embedded it here lolol!

Ran is now currently over at UK (London) for his school exchange and although I do miss him abit, it's still not that bad yet because he still got keep whatsapp me and send me pictures (he randomly anyhow snap! sometimes blur even wtf.) that he took there! So not like we totally never contact lah!

So not say very miss lololol! Okay, here's a picture of us which I posted last year but I still love this picture because it looks like we are a very loving brother, which in actual fact, not very! HAHAHAHA!

typicalben kiss ran

Looks super sweet hor! Took it during his birthday party last year!

typicalben dinner

Went to attend Lindy's ROM dinner over at Marriott Hotel the other day! :D

lindy rom dinner

Was so awkward because I didn't know anyone from the table at all, because none of my poly mates could make it. So I was really quiet throughout the whole 8 course dinner lololol! Can imagine not!

typicalben lindy rom

With Lindy and her husband! So happy for her! :D

typicalben roses

She then passed me her bouquet of roses and ask me to take pictures with it so I can blog! Hahahaha! So funny one! And yeah, selfie with the roses! So pretty right!

typicalben on teenage magazine

Was on Teenage magazine this month!

typicalben on teenage magazine interview

Just a small section of a short interview they did with me! So for those who don't usually buy the magazine, it's okay... don't need to specially go and buy! Just read it below can already!

And although, I said this on Twitter to ask you guys not to go buy if you all usually never buy cause it's just a very small section and to save up the money instead to go buy food to eat lololol... BUT still so so many of you still go and buy and tweet me with picture of it! I'm so super touched okay! Like I really feel very thankful and grateful for all these small little things you all have done! :)

But really, I say serious one! Save the money lah, I know most of you are students also! Next time if I'm on magazine cover then.... that one must go and buy ah! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

typicalben on teenage magazine interview questions

The interview questions and my answers! :)

Alright! That's all! I shall go continue to do my school work already! Bye bye!!


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  1. Anonymous11:48 pm

    saw you in school the other day and you're rocking that blue hair! stay cool :)