Pink Friday fragrance by Nicki Minaj

September 07, 2013

nicki minaj pink friday perfume

Yay! My Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday perfume is here!!!! :D

Well, actually.... I've gotten it quite sometime back but I just kept procrastinating to blog about it! Anyway, I need to thank Xinhui for helping me to get it in Aussie which then she asked her friend to bring it back to Singapore for me!!!! So thank you to her friend as well (I know the box is pretty big) lol!

You know I wanted this perfume for so super long already but what is stopping me at the start was.... it doesn't freaking sell it here in Singapore! And neither in any country in Asia too! Why like that! -_- So I was trying to go online to buy it and then ship it over BUT apparently, perfume cannot be shipped to Singapore. So no choice lah, I then thought to myself.... nevermind no fate to own it lah.

Then I thought of Xinhui who is studying over at Aussie now, so I texted her about it and asked her to help me see if it's selling there and if so, help me buy lah! So end up here it is!!!!!!!! She even helped me to buy the limited edition one recently, which she just passed it to me (will blog about that too)!

nicki minaj pink friday perfume and box

The perfume box and the perfume bottle (100 ml)!

I really like how the perfume bottle is made to resembles herself, which is something I would totally do as well if I were to have my own perfume line hahahaha! Would you buy perfume by Typicalben? :p

nicki minaj pink friday perfume close up

Close up of the perfume bottle! The face is in gold and with pink lipstick! So detailed!

nicki minaj pink friday perfume taking out the cap

Taking out the cap which is also, literally, the whole head of Nicki Minaj lol!

nicki minaj pink friday perfume body

The "name" necklace on the bottle! Cool or what!

nicki minaj pink friday perfume head and body

I know many people must be thinking, wtf this perfume is for ladies and not for you. Firstly, I wanted to buy it not because I wanna use it but because I just wanna buy it cause I liked it. Secondly, this perfume is categorised under "Unisex Fragrance". And unexpectedly, the scent of this fragrance is pretty nice!!!

I brought it out for my friends to smell and most of them told me that it's nice and even asked me to buy it for them lol! Siao! I think Xinhui will scold me if I ask her to buy for my friends also cause it's very troublesome and very difficult to bring over since the box is so huge! Maybe because I bought the largest 100 ml one, so that's why the box is so huge! It also comes in 50 ml and 30 ml too!

typicalben and nicki minaj pink friday perfume

I was really really elated when I first gotten it! Like totally made my day kind hahaha! Because I wanted it for so so so long hello! I even dreamt about it for afew times! Kuazhang or what! Yeah! -_-

nicki minaj pink friday perfume 1

Alright! Will blog about the limited edition one soon!

Oh and she already have another new perfume which just launched too! But I'm not sure whether should I buy it anot because the urge of getting it is not as strong as this one! Hahaha! Well, we shall see! ;)


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  1. You make me want to have it too, love the pink hair!!
    When I really want something, I will dream about it a few times too! xDDDD

  2. You should try the FAME by Lady Gaga. It is very good.

  3. You should try the FAME by Lady Gaga. It is very good.

  4. I wanna buy one too. No one sell in singapore ?