September 28, 2013

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Hello everyone!!!!! I'm so excited cause I've got alot of pictures and stuff to share with you guys!!! :D


SKECHERS is originated from South California (slang “Energetic Youngsters”) from Manhattan Beach!

And having 21 years of heritage, SKECHERS designs, develops and markets performance shoes for athletes and active individuals, and lifestyle shoes for every age and demographic encompasses more than thousands styles omg!!!

Ben Image 2

In addition to its heritage lines like SKECHERS Sport, SKECHERS USA, SKECHERS Active, SKECHERS Cali and SKECHERS Kids, the company has broadened its offering with an innovative performance division that includes SKECHERS GO series, and also BOBS, which is a SKECHERS charity footwear brand that donates a new pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair sold! How sweet!

I feel it's really awesome because every pair of shoes you buy, you're like helping a child that is in need at the same time! Also not forgetting that they also have a dynamic collection of kids’ soles known for their wildly fun features and beloved characters!! I've seen the kids collection and it's super cute omg. It lights up!

Anyway, I woke up super early in the morning the other day and head over to SKECHERS Jem for filming with Rachell and it was so fun!!!! We had loads of fun trying on their shoes and I was awed by the variety of selection of shoes they have!

Although I was sleep deprived, the whole day was filled with fun and laughter , and I didn't really feel very tired at all!! Thanks to the SKECHERS team, filming crew and also Rachell for perking me up with so much fun stuff and talks hahaha! Alright! Gonna flood you guys with all the pictures now!!!

with rach

With Rachell while we are filming our introduction and keep a look out for our video at the end of the post! Love this shot cause it's candid and we both look very happy here!


Here you have me checking out their shoes!


Another one! Hahahaha!

To be honest, I didn't really know SKECHERS have so many different kinds of footwear that is suitable for various and almost any occasions! I always though SKECHERS are more towards a “sporting” brand, but SKECHERE do have lifestyle footwear too! Bet some of you didn't know too right!


Trying out SKECHERS Men USA sneaker! All of their shoes are super comfortable, seriously!

typicalben skechers advertorial at JEM

Okay, last picture of me posing with their shoes then is back to filming again!

typicalben rachell filming crew

An exclusive "behind the scenes" shot of us hahahaha! Yeah, exclusive! :p

typicalben rachell candid

While discussing our lines! Look serious anot me lololol!

typicalben rachell selfie

Another exclusive "behind the scenes" shot of me and Rachell taking selfie hahahaha!

typicalben skechers advertorial

Leaving SKECHERS Jem and to their showroom to do something exciting! Something to do with designing! Can you guess what are we gonna dooooooooo? :D

Ben Image 4

Yes we are going to design our very own shoes and I've chosen GOwalk to design because it's light in weight, super comfortable when I try on and also it has my favourite orange colour on it!

Another awesome thing is that, there is alot of space for me to decorate it!!! Can't wait to start!!


Yay getting our hands on to decorate and accessorise our very own SKECHERS shoes!!!!!!!

The top 2 materials that poped in my mind are definitely CRYSTALS and STUDS! I would wanna design something that I would really wear and not just for the sake of designing! It's quite exciting when I know about this, but at the same time, it's also scary because I don't really do DIY alot so I'm kinda worried that it might turn out pretty horrendous lololol!

typicalben designing shoes 5

Trying to keep things simple, so just crystals at the top and some studs at the front/side/back!

typicalben designing shoes 2

Look at my serious face while decorating the shoes hahahaha!

typicalben designing shoes

Sticking the crystals on is a more tedious part than doing the studs because it's always very hard to pick and stick them! Also because they are smaller and in different sizes!

typicalben designing shoes 3

And I'm finally gonna complete soon!!!!!!

typicalben designing shoes 4

Sticking on the one last crystals and we are done!!!!!!!!


The final product!!!!!! NICE ANOT????? :D
Top, front and back view of the shoes!!

typicalben skechers designed shoes 3

I really like the outcome of the GOwalk shoes that I designed, it's something that I would wear!
Would you buy this pair of shoes if it's on sales? Hahahaha!

typicalben skechers designed shoes close up

Close up close up!!! So pretty!!!

typicalben with skechers shoes designed

Me with the SKECHERS GOwalk shoe that I've decorated!!

typicalben skechers advertorial 3

Trying it on time!!! How do I look with the shoes!!! :D

Ben Image 6USE

Totally love SKECHERS GOwalk cause it's super comfortable as well!
It's very light and it feels like I'm not wearing anything at all!

typicalben skechers advertorial candid

While waiting for Rachell to finish decorating her SKCH +3 shoes! Me with SKECHERS LIV sneaker!

rachell skechers designed shoes 1

And this is Rachell's SKCH +3!! So glittery!!!

typicalben skechers designed shoes 2

I think both of us really do quite well leh! Hahaha!

typicalben rachell skechers advertorial

Selfie with Rachell before we leave and head home!!!

typicalben rachell 2 skechers advertorial

Oh, My Favourite SKECHERS!

Ben Image 7

Click here!

Do you guys want to win your favourite pair of SKECHERS Footwear???? :D

All you have to do is to simply blog and show how you would style your favourite pair of SKECHERS shoes! Just complete your outfit with any SKECHERS footwear and create looks from your closet! You can choose one or more to mix and match with your daily outfits and there is 5 pairs (each worth up to $169) to be won each month!!

NEED HELP??? To help guide you guys for this contest, here's how I matched some of my favourite SKECHERS footwear with my current daily outfits that I have for different occasions!


63618 CCLM (US Size 8)

This pair of shoes is in soft suede and with woven canvas fabric! It is a lace up sporty casual oxfords with stitching and overlay accent that I feel it's really suitable for causal wear!

I would love to match this pair of shoes with a long sleeve shirt and a light coloured jeans so that the shoes can stand out from my whole outfit and not just blend in with it! :D

typicalben skechers outfit 3

First outfit!!!

typicalben skechers outfit 3-3

Wearing this pair of SKECHERS Diamondback; Boren shoe!!


53568 LMBL (US Size 8)

SKECHERS GOrun Meb speed is the official shoe of America's top marathon runner Meb. This running shoes is built for competitive racing and designed for speed using their most advanced innovative performance technologies. Lightweight, good for running!

I'm just gonna pair this SKECHERS GOrun Meb speed with my usual running attire! Wearing my Airforce shorts and our very own #BenRanAway tee shirt! Love how striking and bright the colour of the shoes is!

typicalben skechers outfit 1-1

Second outfit!!!

typicalben skechers outfit 1

Sporty look with SKECHERS GOrun Meb speed!


999595 GYBL (US Size 8)

With the diagonally curved bottom of this light weight athletic shoe, we can then experience the intuitive motion with natural stride technology! It can help correct walking posture too!

I really love this pair of shoes because I find it easy to match and look good with just a simple pair of jeans and a tee shirt! And for me, I'm gonna match it with a colourful graphic tee with jeans!

typicalben skechers outfit 2-2

Thrid outfit!!! My favourite of all!!! :D

typicalben skechers outfit 2

Wearing the shoes, LIV by SKECHERS!


53558 BLYL (US Size 8)

It's comfortable and perfect for days when we are lazy and just wanna dress down and wear a pair of slippers to nearby places! And this slippers also comes in black colour too!

I'm so gonna match it with a simple black shorts and a tee shirt! Just like how many of us would dress to nearby places or if you're feeling lazy and just wanna wear comfortably out!

typicalben skechers outfit 5-5

Fourth outfit!!!

typicalben skechers outfit 5

Wearing their On The Go sandals, because sometimes we just wanna dress down!


63610 SDNT (US Size 8)

It is distressed oiled leather upper in a lace up casual dress mid high top oxford with stitching and overlay accents! Nice right! My friends (girls) also always buy this kind of men's shoes to wear too!

Actually I feel it can be matched and pair with either jeans or shorts but for myself, I always like to pair this kind of high cut shoes with shorts but it also goes very well with long pants too! I think it can match well with both!

typicalben skechers outfit 4

Fifth outfit!!!

typicalben skechers outfit 4-4

I'm also loving this SKECHERS Milton - Caven shoe!! :D

Anyway, you do not need to necessary buy a pair of SKECHERS Shoe to join this contest! You can do up a collage to show how you'd style your favourite SKECHERS shoe too! For example like this....

mag spread

So now you have seen how I matched my daily outfits with all the SKECHERS footwear, it's time for you to show us how you guys gonna matched it!!!!!! And by doing so, you can stand a chance to win a pair of SKECHERS footwear of your choice! :D

I'm thrilled to share that my blog readers will be able to enjoy 15%* off regular-priced of 10 various style of shoes below. 5 each for guys and 5 for ladies!


Ben Image 8

To enjoy this promotion, you just have to quote my name "Typicalben" when you purchase your items. Hurry up, while stocks last!

Promotion is valid from now till 30th Nov and available at 15 SKECHERS Concept Stores:

Tampines 1 #03-02 Tel: 6260 2190
Jurong Point #01-16J Tel: 6795 7478
ION Orchard #B2-14 Tel: 6884 6567
Queensway #01-14 Tel: 6475 2515
Compass Point #01-21/22 Tel: 6388 7375
Nex Serangoon #01-32 Tel: 6634 4351
Parkway Parade #02-40/41 Tel: 6346 2556
Causeway Point #01-30 Tel: 6893 3901
The Clementi Mall #04-41/42 Tel: 6659 1822
Changi City Point #02-42 Tel: 6636 1078
VivoCity #02-13/14 Tel: 6270 4211
Raffles City #03-06/07 6338 3356
Jem #03-35 Tel: 6734 9678
Opening Soon: Bedok Mall and Bugis Junction (In November)

Anyway, you can also visit SKECHERS Website for the latest shoes collection:

And follow SKECHERS Singapore Instagram account: Also don’t forget to “LIKE” them on facebook too:

Alright! That's all from me for today! Will blog again soon! :D


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    awesome camo print tee that you're wearing. may I know where you got it from? if it's sold online do they ship overseas?