Rainbow hair

October 23, 2013

Hello everyone!!!!!!! :D Hahaha!! Although I might sound like I'm very energetic and hyper now but in actual fact, I'm not lol. I'm feeling super tired because it's my exam period now and I just had my first paper today! I know right, I usually dont blog during my exams period but I feel like I can blog alittle today since I just finished my first paper and I wanna take a short break before I start studying for my second (which is also my last) exam paper! Hahaha and you see I'm so tired that I'm couldn't be bothered to spilt this long paragraph to few paragraph so it's easier for you guys to read lol!

Okay maybe I'm not lazy lah, I just feel very tired. I slept at 6am and woke up at 10am and go for exam. Crazy! I never sleep so late and little for all my previous exams one leh!!! Somemore for today's paper right, I got no time to complete it!!! I know how to do one, but I don't have enough time!! :(

Aiya, I'll rant more tomorrow! Gonna post up some pictures now yay!! Hahaha!! Went CLEO Hair & Make to do my hair 3 weeks back and I decided to do rainbow colour for my short getaway trip to Bali!!! I was so excited omg!!!! But before I do my hair... it's time to take.... some.... selfie first........

typicalben selca with ash blue

Hahahaha! So awesome my salon got ring light, yours got anot! :p

typicalben selca turquoise hair

Omg I don't know what to caption this. But maybe not all selfie needs a caption anyway lolol!

ash blue and turquoise hair colour

Goodbye my faded blue hair!! Maybe I'll see you again someday soon!!

typicalben selfie turquoise hair

The colour really faded until quite nice right! But it is time for rainbow!!!!!!

And you know I was very drama, I keep tweeting tweets saying I'm going to see rainbow and although some of you didn't get what I was hinting, many of you guessed it right! Hahahaha! Why you all so smart one ah! I wanna give you all prize hahahaha! Some of the tweets that I tweeted like........

Hahaha! Just non-stop talking about rainbow on Twitter only! I was trying to test who is smart enough to guess it right okay lol! Anyway, I didn't bleach my hair (because it was previously bleached for my blue hair) so my stylist, Ai, just add colours to my hair and without touching my scalp lololol!

Even though this hair dye doesn't have any chemical or ammonia, I still insist cannot touch scalp cause it's not very good to irritated your scalp! *from an expert who always have coloured hair here lol*

typicalben dyeing rainbow

Rainbow hair in progress!!!

typicalben dyeing hair

And after hours and hours of sitting at the salon.... my hair is finally done!!!!

rainbow hair

My rainbow hair!!! Yay!!!! :D

I also posted this instavideo right after I done with my rainbow hair!!! Hahaha!

colourful hair

It really have 7 different colours!! Red, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink and purple!!

colourful hair

Top view of my hair!!

rainbow hair colours

When it's swipe to another side, it comes out another different blend of colours!!

hair rainbow dye

Right side view!!

back rainbow hair colours

Right back view!!

rainbow hair side

Left side view!!

colourful rainbow hair

Left back view!!

You know, everyone kept asking me why did I wanna dye my hair to rainbow colour and I really got no answer to that! Because I always do my hair however I want it to be! Partly is due to me wanting to try it out and also many of you guys kept asking me to try also, and I was like... why not?! :D

And I'm really glad that I did try rainbow hair colour though, cause the final results turns out to be so pretty!!!! I've been loving it ever since the day I dyed it! I know many of you guys too right!!!

dye rainbow colour

Omg I think I'm really too tired now and I'm not very sure what am I typing already..... euduewbdywebdqwsimdkedrf, so I'm gonna end here and go sleep (maybe watch some videos first)! Hahahaha! I'll update another new post when I wake up later!! Goodnight everyoneeee!

CLEO Hair and Make
Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250


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  1. Love the purple shade.


  2. Oh gosh Ben. I just experienced the exact same thing with you! I took my exam this morning and I didn't have enough time to complete it! Its not like I didn't know how to do, I do! But the time *sobsob*
    Anywayy, looking fabulous Ben, as usual :)

  3. Anonymous10:52 pm

    Prolly heard it a million times, your hair is really awesome!

  4. Wow, this looks great!

  5. Where do you usually do your hair? One salon or afew you go to? Th colors you have are nice. Hope t hear from you soon :D

  6. Hey ben where do you usually do your hair? One salon or there is afew? Th colors are nice. Hope t hear from you soon :D