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November 28, 2013

"The only thing I can do in this practical and materialistic world is to work hard and show everyone the results that they can never imagine."

Tweeted this tweet yesterday cause I was having so many thoughts (as usual) about so so many things that are happening in my life right now, around me. Not saying that it's happening to me but what I observe as well. I guess most of the people will only take you seriously only when they see results.

Hahaha I think I've talked about this before previously too. Aiya, this is life and slowly we all will get used to it one! *comforting myself and you guys* Anyway, how are you guys doing?????! :D I only can tell you all that I've been eating alot alot alot recently cause my appetite is so good that.... it is crazy!!!

typicalben black hair

Anyway, went to CLEO Hair & Make to dye my hair black for one of the TVC shoot!

Really dislike black hair cause it doesn't look good on me at all! :/ And almost 90% of the people who know me in real life say I look better in lighter hair colour! Even my hair stylist also say that okay!

So after I'm done with my hair, I went to meet Lindy and Brandy for dinner! Been so long! :D


Yummy yumy food picture!


My duck confit!

frog leg

Frog legs!

duck salad

Duck salad!


Lindy's dessert! Which she only had this for dinner omg! Full meah!

typicalben lindy brandy

With Lindy and Brandy before we leave the restaurant to have desserts!

present from london

Behold.... all the stuff that Ran bought for me from UK! So sweet of him omg!

milk shakes sweet

Strawberry milkshake gummy sweets from London!
Was so excited to try it out but end up it taste.... not that nice! Hahaha!

typicalben mars ice cream

Random shot of me with my melted Mars tub ice cream! :(

typicalben takuya

Went CLEO Hair & Make few days after I did my black to lighten it because I didn't really like it! Hahaha! Now my hair is already another colour omg! I really need to update this space more often!


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  1. Anonymous10:22 pm

    I think you look good with both hair colors :) and the food look so yummy!


  2. Awww. Black hair. Dye it back after the TVC okay?

  3. Ben, hmm I want to ask, wouldn't it be awkward if you take photos outside? I mean there will surely be many eyes watching on you right, what makes you don't care about those stares of those random passers-by? Hahahaha! Or you and your friend will "zuo xi" like that, when got people come then quickly hide the camera hahahaha!!! Teach me please! ^o^