Not sure if you guys know how I feel.

November 05, 2013

I'm not sure if you guys know how I feel but I'm really busy with some stuff (considered as work lah) recently and I'm tired. I wanna blog but I just don't have the time to edit all the pictures cause I just wanna sleep or just laze and relax myself! :( And I've been thinking about loads of stuff lately and all the random thoughts just keep running in my mind. I'm trying to keep all the unhealthy negative thoughts away because I'm usually a very positive person and I believe that we always should focus on the positive side.

I'm just unsure whether did I made the right decision in life at times but I guess if I choose to make that particular decision, then I think it should be right cause it is what I wanted at that moment or it will be something I want in the future or maybe even all along. I just wanna say if there is something I can choose not to lose in my life at this current point of time, one of them would be.... you guys (whoever that is reading this now) cause I really feel so much stronger, motivated and loved by all of you.

I think especially in this industry, I think it's important to know that there are people who supports you no matter what, and also to be loved by people who truly love you for who you are.

Not sure why I blabber out all these random stuff but there is just a lot in my mind and I just feel like coming here to type something before I head to bed. Tomorrow is another long day! Jiayou Ben!

Also, jiayou to all of you guys too! :)


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  1. We all get these kind of thoughts every now and then (me included) and I just want you to know that it's perfectly normal. You're human after all.
    Just try to think positive everyday and don't let those thoughts take over your mind. Remember that we are all here for you! Actually, you are the person who inspired me to start blogging again, and to be myself while enjoying my life, so thank you so much for being... you! <3
    Stay strong Ben!

  2. Good luck Ben! Ganbatte. :D

  3. Keep up the good work Ben, good luck!!!

  4. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Just be yourself! What passed has already passed! Look forward and make the best out of your life! Don't give in to negativeness! You will always have fans who support and love you ^-^ hehe