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January 09, 2014

typicalben jing jing 2

Met up with JJ recently for dinner!

typicalben jing jing

So happy to catch up with her, cause I've got a lot of things to tell her about! :D

broccoli juice

Came across this drink over at 7-11 and decided to buy it because it's broccoli juice and.... I love broccoli! Hahaha! ^_^ I know a lot of people hated broccoli, but this drink actually taste pretty good eh!

Okay, or maybe it's because I love broccoli and that's why I say it taste good. Just like how I love celery juice and I super love drinking it but everyone around me is giving me this digested look haha! Tsk!

iphone 5s

Bought new phone for daddy and myself! iPhone 5s in gold!

iphone 5s gold

Helped daddy to stick screen protector even! Full package service okay! Hahaha!

drx 3

Went Drx the other day with Ran to try out 1 session of their trichology treatment!

drx typicalben side

Doing purifying treatment first as they clear the scalp from oil and dirt!

drx typicalben side

drx typicalben

While waiting.... we might as well..... take a selfie! ^_^

drx 2

Ran doing the low level laser therapy!

drx 1

Häagen-Dazs 3

Went Häagen-Dazs for desserts with Samantha and Ran after our dinner! Yay so pretty!

Häagen-Dazs 2

Love all the ice cream and fruits, goes so well with the chocolate fondue!

Häagen-Dazs 1

Ice cream ice cream, I'll melt you down like ice cream~
Ice cream ice cream, I'll melt you down like ice cream~ Ahhhhhh~


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  1. Anonymous2:55 am

    Hello Ben,

    Just wondering if anyone told you before that you look like 劉以豪?
    haha whenever i watch his drama.. i think of you! Lol!