Bali - Indonesia (Part 3)

March 18, 2014

(Read the Bali trip post here: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3)

This will be the last part of update for my Bali trip!!! To be honest, I really miss Bali a lot because of the place and we certainly had so much fun there! I think it's the company that matters though, thanks to this bunch of good friends if not it might end up to be a boring trip! We are planning for another trip there soon too! Probably maybe next year or something hahahaha! But this time round if we are going, my bffs, Fingers might be going together as well! It will be so awesome if it happens yay! :D

And so, for the last day over at Bali.......

bali day 3 - 1

Went around the hotel again and take some pictures!

bali day 3 - 2

The environment there is pretty good isn't it!

bali day 3 - 3

Thanks to my photographer of the day, Taiwei ahahaha!

bali day 3 - 4

Not sure when will I ever have rainbow hair again. Or maybe never in my life anymore? :/

bali day 3 - 5

Selife with Taiwei's DSLR!

bali day 3 - 6

My slippers that I've been wearing for years yet still look so new!

bali day 3 - 7

Love this set of pictures that Taiwei took for me as I was lying down the grass patch!

bali day 3 - 8

So nice right! :D

bali day 3 - 9

Love this one the most!!!!!

bali day 3 - 10

Random shot of some red ants... cause I'm feeling pro like that.

bali day 3 - 11

This picture super got feel. Like so emotional, filled with emotions hahahaha!

bali day 3 - 12

We then went to the pool with Isaac!

bali day 3 - 13

Yes, changed to another outfit for pool! Hahaha!

bali day 3 - 14

So fun riding the crocodile!

bali day 3 - 15

And the huge ass whale which I can never get onto it easily!

bali day 3 - 16

Isaac brought waterproof camera along, and we took a few underwater shot too!

bali day 3 - 17

After playing with the water, we packed up and head to Abi Bali Resort as they will be spending their last night there, and as for me, I'll be flying back to Singapore in the evening hahaha!

bali day 3 - 18

The room is amazing as well! It comes with private pool and outdoor kitchen!!

bali day 3 - 19

The bathroom, room and living room!

bali day 3 - 20

Had lunch over at the hotel and it was surprisingly good!

bali day 3 - 21

Dreamy shot omg. I love.

bali day 3 - 22

Went back to the room after lunch and back to the pool again!

bali day 3 - 23

bali day 3 - 24

So happy and fun ahhaahha!

bali day 3 - 25

Duncan went to bought Isaac a chocolate cake from St. Regis cause it's his birthday the next day (the reason why we came for Bali too), but I'll be leaving already, so we decided to celebrate it earlier!

bali day 3 - 26

On our way to have seafood dinner at the beach yay!

bali day 3 - 27

We reached!!! Caviar Cade Jimbaran!! We wanted another restaurant but it was fully booked. Anyway, I don't really recommend you guys to go to this restaurant though, the food isn't good at all.

bali day 3 - 28

But the amazing feel and atmosphere makes up for it.

bali day 3 - 29

So awesome to be dining here, we were really excited when we reached!

bali day 3 - 30

Our view from our table!

bali day 3 - 31

Yeah a-maz-ing!

bali day 3 - 32

Candid shot of me as I was about to run around happily hahahaha!

bali day 3 - 33

Group photo! Love the sun rays!

bali day 3 - 34

Our drinks and appetisers came!

bali day 3 - 35

bali day 3 - 36

Having my watermelon juice while waiting for our seafood feast!

bali day 3 - 37

Tadah!!! All our seafood came!!!!

Although it was expensive, about 2 million rupiah (and the food pretty much sucks) but dining at the beach while watching sunset was quite an experience for all of us.... so I guess it's all worth it!!

bali day 3 - 38

Some of our seafoooooood!

bali day 3 - 39

Group picture!

bali day 3 - 40

Another one!

bali day 3 - 46

Having seafood dinner while watching sunset! ^_^

bali day 3 - 42

Halfway through our meal, this group of people suddenly came to our table and sing for us wtf.

bali day 3 - 43

We also had a delicious corn too!

bali day 3 - 44

I find this picture with Isaac super funny! Hahahaha!

bali day 3 - 45

With Taiwei!

bali day 3 - 41

Sun is setting! And that's how my Bali trip ended as well!

bali day 3 - 47

Went to the airport afterwards and munch on my cheese hello panda biscuits while waiting for my flight! Hahaha! Can't wait to go back to Bali again! I wanna go travel more please!


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