July 05, 2014

Very excited because I'm going for Stefanie Sun's concert later! :D

I think she's the only singer that I still unconditionally love until now since primary school days (which is super long already wtf), though the flames were not as strong and big as before but I still do love her cause I find her very inspiring and true to herself. I also quite love Nicki Minaj recently too because I find her really true to herself too and love all her songs. Wish to be able to go to her concert soon too, cause I'm sure it will be really awesome to be able to hear her live! I'm not so much of a fanboy or anything, it's just that I respect them for what they do and their belief, and also because their songs which I feel is damn good!

Lacking of updates here because I was thinking of whether I should change another blogging platform, like to Wordpress or Tumblr and also to get my own domain. Because I would love to blog on-the-go, and the Blogger app is not helping at all. I'm still thinking, would it be good if I use Tumblr as a blogging platform? Anyone tried it before? Do let me know k, as usual you can just drop me a tweet or email if you're lazy to comment. I know right, being lazy is like the trend now. It's okay, we are all forgiven hahaha!

1-Altitude having drinks

Went to 1-Altitude to have a drink the other day and I really loved the place! It's the world’s highest al fresco bar with an unobstructed view of the city from the heart of the financial district!

typicalben at 1-Altitude selfie

Lazing at the sofa seat while viewing the city view!

1-Altitude seats

We are all sitting 282 meters above sea level!

1-Altitude skies and trees

It's entirely open-air space, and it's going to rain when I was about to leave! Lucky!

typicalben side 1-Altitude

Trying to snap some pictures with the city view!

typicalben at 1-Altitude

I know I've said this before, but I'm going to say it again... I don't know why but it makes me really calm for some reason looking at the busy city from such a high view! Would love to go back again someday!

1-Altitude typicalben


view from 1-Altitude

Ending off with this picture of the view which I'm seated at, taken by my iPhone!


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